Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Whew~ It's been a long month!

I've been busy this past month~ I feel like I've neglected blogging but, I've just had a lot to do and on my mind... I'm still stressing but not as intensely as before.

This month started off well, Boho coming down to SoCal where we went to eat at Schooner or Later at the marina.
I love it there because the view is wonderful as well as the food!
The wait was close to an hour around brunch so we took a stroll along the docks.
 If you have a boat, they do have boat parking for guests.

 Look look, some guy had parrots and they were chatting and it was really cute!
 Also, a pirate watch?

 Anywho, I repeat that the food there is SOOO scrumptious I love that their fruit bowls are all the good fruits like berries and bananas.

 After that fun day, a few days later we took an 8 hour trip north for a cousin's wedding. While we were there, we went to the Jelly Belly factory.

Rocking my Jeremy Scott dress and Vivienne Westwood heels that day.
Later that evening we had a family dinner, and as we were at the kiddie table my friend pulled out this Jelly bean game, almost like Russian roulette. Where you can either have a good flavour or pick a bad flavour but you can' tell until you eat it. It was horribly hilarious and disgusting! I ended up getting boogers and mouldy cheese, it was SO gross!
Well that next morning, I had a 4:30 am wakeup call so I could do makeup for my friends who were bridesmaids. I love putting makeup on them because their features are SO pretty!
^^My outfit, pretty boring but it works<3
Also, I found that there's a thing called a hand ring, I think they're pretty nifty and I'm glad that I bought mine~
Look who else came to the wedding!
[My wonderful friends fooling off during the reception]

After the wedding celebration we took a detour on the way home into San Francisco where we went to the most crooked road and made a stop at the Full House house.

^^ The Full House house!
Here's the golden gate bridge~

Then we also went to this place that's know for their split pea soup...
After an eventful trip, I gained 9 lbs~ So I spent the 2 following weeks losing the weight.

Then on a whim, I chopped off the dead blonde ends of my hair and dug out my original black extensions. I feel like a different person but I'm still getting used to such a dark colour on me.

Now I just need to get my costume for Halloween made and all my stress will be dissipated!
Before I forget, I got a new phone, a Samsung Galaxy iii! Which I will post pictures of when I get my phone cases in the mail...

Wah, I missed blogging and will get back to updating regularly, thanks for being patient with me~



  1. Busy busy!!!! You look great btw :) Hahah gorgeous as always! Love your eyes :D That's an awesome Jelly Bean factory !

    Love the new hair :D Really dark!

    1. Thank you so much~ I wish I could live in the jelly bean factory, it smelled AMAZING!<3