Thursday, July 10, 2014

Updated Room Tour

 Well, it's another room tour! Recently, I got a new couch and bed and it changed the feel of my room to a more mature girly feeling.
 My same shelf desk~ which I will be replacing hopefully before school starts in fall... I'm looking in antique stores for a 'gossip table' or 'telephone desk' that I want to update to match my aesthetic<3 But, I still make due with the desk I have.
 From the last room tour [link] I got rid of and replaced a lot of my stuffed animals, not only for more space, but to coordinate with the rest of my room. Also, my collection of molang plush is growing.
 My side table, equipped with my morning necessities..
 Detail of my 'new' bed... Honestly, it's not actually new, it's just my bed from my mum's other house.. During moving, the bed was missing parts so I had to make my own bed slats and use a box spring to ensure my mattress would be secure so my bed is a bit over 4 ft tall... I have to use a stepping ladder to get up on it since I'm just about 5'3" in height;; I'm still getting used to the height of it, but it kind of feels like a throne~
 My ever growing vanity.
 I have a new edition of shelving since I needed a place to organize all my books, magazines and little bobbles that were cluttering up my room.

 My plat de résistance, my new couch and canopy.
I'm so glad I finally replaced my couch from the unformfortable wicker throne which kept snagging my hair,  to my lovely plush settee.
I then threw together a diy canopy made from ikea curtains on an embroidery hoop and hooked it up to my ceiling. 
 It's also been my 'go to' place to take pictures for blog posts and even my selfies.
 My final wall, that has my closet. Not seen are my bathroom and body mirror, that I usually use for ootds.
I'm still in the process of organizing my closet, but it's getting there. Also, if you can't tell, my clothing is very ill suited for California summer weather. I really have quite a growing collection of sweaters haha.

Hope you enjoyed my updated room tour!
[if anyone's curious this is my initial room before and after]



  1. aww you have the cutest stuff! i love your room!

  2. aw, i wished your pictures were bigger in the post so we can see everything better, but other than that your room is so cute!

  3. very nice room :) you have a lot of cute items :)

  4. Aw, I love your room no matter what you do with it!!

  5. This is just the cutest! I can't believe how different it looked on the first pictures, you've just such a great job :)

  6. Love your room. Love the idea of creating that canopy background behind your couch. I might steal that idea if you don't mind :)


  7. Your room is so bright and huge! Love how girly it is and it looks so cozy. You have so many Molang goodies, I'm super jealous ;)

  8. Oh I am totally in love with your room is so pretty and romantic, this unforgettable space Molang * --- ^ *. If you changed you must be pretty proud of how it looks now but always understand that missing details, I'm still in the process with mine this week I'm just painting the walls. a kiss ❤

  9. Your room is so cute! I love it

  10. What a gorgeous room! I need to pimp up mine lol ^^

  11. I want to redo my room but I'm hoping to move out soon, so I don't want to waste time or money lol. Honestly who knows when I'll be able to find real estate I like here though wtf.

  12. OMG What is the laptop's make that you have? It's so beautiful :D

  13. That is the most adorable bedroom I have ever laid eyes on. I love your plushies and the whole color scheme. That carrot plushy on your floor and computer chair looks so cute. I'm envious. Haha! Anyway, the bed looks much more comfy than the previous one. You turned your whole room from dark to vibrant. Great job! Thanks for sharing that with us. Take care! :)

    Dante Storey @ The Healthy Bed Store

  14. Aww such a cute room I want mine like this! I collect plushies too!!!! ^_^

  15. Your room is gorgeous! ^ ___ ^

  16. OMG you have like my dream room sooo cute <3 I love your laptop @__@

    ~ Sann