Monday, January 22, 2018

Jill Stuart Pajama Party 2017 Holiday Collection Review + Tutorial

One of my Christmas gifts this past holiday was the Jill Stuart Pajama Party Holiday Collection set. Which was one I was extremely excited to open up and play with! I’ve actually just started collecting and buying Jill Stuart makeup items and it’s quickly become one of my favorite brands not only because of the beautiful packaging but the quality of the makeup has been consistently well worth it’s price point.

The set I received was one of 2 possible colour ways. Set A mimicking lacy and more sexier pajamas and set B, which I have, reflecting a sweeter satin pajama set. Both perfectly matching the title of the collection. 

The makeup inside the pouches also matches the set chosen, one with lace packaging and the other a more playful pink packaging. Both sets seem to have the same products just the outside look differs. Each set contains an eyeliner, eyeshadow set, highlighter and lip gloss. All which are full-sized products and all containing enhancements to pamper the skin like peach extract, apricot oil, argan oil and jojoba oil. Also, all of them have a light vanilla cotton candy like scent. 

The eyeshadow palette has 6 shades;
A light beige with pink shimmer and some gold glitter.
A warm pink with some hot pink glitter dispersed throughout.
A warm reddish brown with pink shimmer.
A pearlescent peach shade.
A pearlescent cocoa shadow.
A pearlescent cool toned baby pink with large chunks of lamé throughout.

All of the shades are extremely pigmented but the light beige shade is quite chalky and tends to leave a lot of fall out. The best application for the most pay off is with the included sponge tip applicators. I really appreciate this palette because it has a good amount of shades I don’t own and is so beautifully complimentary to each other and has the right shades to create a completely cohesive eye look. 

The highlighter is extremely cute! But, it’s also the item I really didn’t care for compared to the rest of the included makeup. It really is more like a brightening face powder/ setting powder. I already own a face powder I adore, so, in comparison this does nothing for me. The finish is basically translucent and imparts no colour or even any type of improved visible finish to the skin, but it’s very soft to the touch after application but I didn’t experience anything that really impressed me. 

The eyeliner included is the Kittenish Look liner in 08 Black Negligee which is a deep deep brown or warm black? Its a pretty unique shade that I think I’m obsessed with now. The liner is super precise, surprisingly firm despite the felt tip and extremely thin! My friend even commented, “Why would anyone need an eyeliner pen that draws that thin!” The formula is a bit liquid so on surfaces with many lines it can bleed, like on my hand. On my eyes though, I had no issues and it glided like a dream with no dry spots or pulling. It also lasted ages even with my super watery eyes. (I just looked it up, but it’s also water proof!) 

Look how thin and precise it gets though!

This is actually my first Jill Start eyeliner and I think I found my new favorite eyeliner brand!

The gloss included is a super moisturizing lip jelly. The colour is sheer with a hot cherry pink base that depending on the lip product used under it can read as a fuscia gloss or even orange toned. The gloss has small chunks of cherry pink/orange glitter and isn’t blatantly obvious but enough so that it really amps up the shine on the lips. Like all the other products it has nutritious additives and a vanilla candy scent. 

So, I wanted to try making a less obvious look with the palette and really wanted to try using the pink shade since it’s the only pink eyeshadow I’ve ever tried that didn’t give me an allergic reaction! (also wanted to try experimenting with a different tutorial layout, similar to magazine styling, so input would be great;;) 

The overall look is very beginner friendly and actually super quick to complete. It also looks surprisingly natural dispite the use of excessive amounts of glitter. I really think the use of brown false lashes adds to the light feeling of the look. 

I continued with the pink theme on the rest of my face with a hot pink lip tint, YSL Glossy Stain Lip Color in 206 Misty Pink, patted lightly on my lips and cheeks and a smattering of chunky cosmetic grade glitter on the highlights of my cheeks to really amp up the playfulness of the overall feel. Then I finished it off by applying the gloss to my lips.  

Overall, the Holliday set was a wonderful item to receive and through it I found a new all time favorite product and two that I will be reaching for quite regularly! I am definitely a fan of the collection and it really hits the sweet spot of the aesthetic I’m loving at the moment.


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