Wednesday, May 30, 2012

 My lovely babes graduated, and I'm soooo proud of them! It was also a reason to dress up<3
I made a cute flower crown and finally had a reason to buy the cute lavender top from NastyGal!
 The first graduation of the month was my friend Bev's and boy did we have fun!
Nummy mango cake :3
 We then went to karaoke where apparently, I got a good buzz and everyone took baby sips...
I also did a sexy 'Bubble Pop' performance ~
Seriously, I had a blast<3
 The next one was for my friend P.B where we went to watch her walk and then had a nice dinner at Olive Garden <3
Super easy casual outfit of the day.
 Of course, I snapped pictures of myself as they called names.
I should mention they had this awesome guy hired to say names and it sounded so cool and almost movie like~
 <3 My lovelies [I did P.B's makeup that day]

 Also, that same week, I decided to dye my puppy pink and paint her nails... AND bought her new toys. She's a little spoiled princess.
After all the festivities, I decided to celebrate by hosting a girl's sleepover, Adventure Time style.
 Tee hee hee, I like theme nights to dress cutely~
 I made foam party hats/accessories for us to wear and that they all took home~
 I had us play the Adventure Time drinking game which I got off
Seriously, 4 episodes in and I was already drunk. So we had to stop doing it half way through the DVD or else I'm pretty sure we'd have liver failure, hahaha.
 My graduate L.S.P
 My friend P.B, whos initials are actually P.B~
 So much alcohol... I also made a 'make your own 'Everything Burrito' bar' for everyone to chow down on...

 My lovely graduate who makes a cute Beemo~
 To be more festive, we called each other cute nicknames like on our cups<3
 After 2 DVDs of Adventure time, we did facials, had girl talk and just enjoyed each others company.
Not to mention my strawberry chocolate pie~
I'm so proud of my girls!
Congrats grads of 2012~

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