Thursday, May 24, 2012

Odango hair

Since my hair has gotten long and I purchased extensions, I realized that putting my hair in odangos is super easy and cute and one of my 'go to' hair styles now...
I made a little chart on how to make large poufy buns.
What you need:
2 elastic bands
Small tooth comb
20-30 bobby pins
10 minutes of spare time
  1. Part your hair down the middle and put your hair into 2 high ponytails a good distance above your ears
  2. Taking a fine tooth comb, start sectioning your hair and start teasing it, as little or as much as you want. [the more tease, the bigger the bun].
  3. As the diagram says, start wrapping your hair around the elastic and root of the ponytail, and forming it into a ball shape. While wrapping your hair, use bobby pins to help retain it's shape.
  4. When your hair feels secure, start gently lifting and fluffing your hair up and out to fill it out more and make the bun larger. The step also helps to even out lumps. Hair spraying it it optional, but it will help it feel more secure.
Voilla~ your buns should be done are pretty enough to eat! Just kidding. At first, they may look a bit messy but practice makes perfect!
I tend to like making my hair into buns on days when my hair frizzes, or days when my hair is oily [the day before I shower, as I try to wash my hair every 3 days but it tends to get oily on the 3rd day...]

Also, when untangling your hair, please work from the ends of your hair up and be gentle with your hair and take your time...

Donutella also likes to wear odangos too...

Have fun experimenting!

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