Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 2: Disneyland~ In pictures.

 Yay, so day 2 of taking my friend's cousins to Disneyland was fun!
I'm really pushing to get this out today, but I'm sooo exhausted! I'm getting old [joking], but I really am worn out. Can I get away with having the pictures doing the talking?

 Merp, Our group~ Seriously, it's kind of bothering me that my head is small... 0.o;;

 Tee hee hee, it was the cousin's and the Ate and Kuya's first trip to Disneyland, so exciting!
 My super lame and quickly put together outfit. I won't even bother naming things off... The only things I love are my Stitch ears and my Scrump bag.
 I also want this Ewok backpackjust for the sole fact that it looks like my dog.
 Space Mountain picture of everyone being scared and mine covered in hearts because I'm too lazy to photoshop myself .. Darn my affinity for making silly faces all the time.
 Of course, my friend and I had to take a picture next to the Chip and Dale statuette because their relationship is so like ours<3 [A very awesomely hilarious sibling rivalry type of thing.]

 My fail at taking artistic pictures knows no bounds^^ haha.
 For real though, all the lines were consistently 30-45 minutes throughout the day, I mean, I shouldn't complain because at least it wasn't 45-75 minutes like on a normal Summer day.. But it was still annoyingly longer than I like it.
So, when I'm bored I just take pictures of my self, or ask for my friend to take pictures or me...
Because, just like my artistic picture taking, my vanity also knows no bounds.... ;P

 ^^Pluto loves his stunna shades.
 Oh, I also manages to convince my friend's youngest cousin that the Haunted Mansion is really haunted and that Disneyland made a contract with the ghosts to work certain hours. Gullible kids are too cute!
 Also, Thunder Mountain was the kid's favorite ride! Though, explaining that everyone's screaming and yelling wasn't because everyone was scared of the ride, but for fun was an odd topic to have to go over...

 I love seeing my friend's youngest cousin get so excited and her eyes get so big and lights up! It really is the cutest thing!

 I seriously just noticed that in the Snow White ride that the pillars have an apple pie design! So pretty~

 ^^Look at the little creatures working above in the rafters in the Bibbity Bobity Boutique! Suce a cute touch that I never noticed!

Look! A duckling!
 And there's it's mama, and other ducklings cooling off under her shadow! Ugh, too cute!

 I seriously have no clue what I'm doing here, I just know I was taking a picture pretending I was Stitch bending the lamp post, then this happened... Hmm, I think I dropped Scrump and pretended she was dead???
 Also, to match my little Stitch theme, I brought along my Stitch straw to use in all my beverages~ The cousins were confused why I wasn't drinking out of the straw that comes out directly above from the cup, and I had to explain that the drink comes up from the straw on the other side.. Oh kids are too cute~

 I also had an odd Goofy encounter, which reminds me I should text around to see if I know anyone who's friends with Goofy... Though I wouldn't be surprised I know a good amount of people who are friends with other characters like Lilo and Tinkerbell...

 Oh yeah, by the end of the day my 5 year old shoes broke apart and the sole fell off... My poor shoes, how I'll miss you so.. But they were too big anyways and my feet are all cut up because of the friction...
I love how I wore my litas the day previous and I was fine the whole day, but I wore flats one day and I'm covered in blisters and cuts midway through the day.

 Oh my gosh, can I mention I love the license plates in Roger Rabbit's Wild Ride! They're so clever!

 Also, I ran about reeking havoc in Toon Town and hid in nooks and crannies for fun...

 I forgot how much I dislike Pirate Island, I mean, it's cool and all if your into the Pirates franchise and all.. But I miss it being Tom Sawyer's Island.. Not to mention, Sawyer's Island didn't have scares in the caves! In one, a scull head popped up and it scared me so bad that I ran out screaming closing my eyes and almost started crying...

 Oh yes, I found a bunny chair, so I needed a picture of me with it!<3 Can I take it home for my room??? Haha, I wish.
 It was my first time trying the chimichanga at Disneyland, for those who don't know what they are they're a deep fried burrito... I only ended up eating 1/2 of it, but it was okay, I mean, if you like blended mystery meat and beans...
 I got really bored waiting for the parade to start, so my friend and I goofed off a bit.
 Then I got violent and started flicking her.... Ouch, it looks painful... It's a good thing the parade started, I'm such a mean friend....

 A lot of the parade preformers flipped out, like REALLY flipped out when they saw my Stitch ears and Scrump bag! I wish I caught all the reactions because it was hilarious and so surprising!
Especially the Stilt walkers reaction, he like had a mini heart attack mixed with a seizure!

 7pm and I was already tired and cold because our day started at 7:30 am... Look at everyone photobombing me! Haha.
 So pretty!
 Oh my gosh, I flipped when I realized the lights were hearts! So cute!
 Also, I'm mighty impressed with this tree, at first we were all staring at it wondering ifit was real and everyone was kind of like, 'No, it's fake' so I jumped up onto the landing and grabbed a leaf, and holy cow, it's real!!! How amazing!
Selca on Autopia<3 I'm  a hazard, haha!

 We then rushed to the Rivers of America to catch the fireworks and grab a front seat for the last Fantasmic show, which we were able to get great seats!

 Cam whoring to pass the time, like always...
 I helped this mum and 2 girls squish into the front next to me and they were so cute and funny! They were educating me on snakes and telling me knock knock jokes! They even introduced me to their bears they made at Build-a-bear named, Lily and Sugar! The mum was so grateful and happy to get front seats because it was the kid's first time at Disneyland and their last night in town! Those girls were just so bright and sweet and well mannered <3<3<3
I loved their reactions to the show and were asking me questions and telling me their ideas on what was going on during the show! The youngest one loved the dragon! I forgot, her birthday is today and she's 7 today! Sending her birthday thoughts and wishes wherever they are!

 Wah, such a long day!
Apparently, my friend and I got sucked into 'Grad Night' and the crowd was really rowdy and rude!
Some kids were grabbing down framed pictures in the Jungle Cruise line! Can you believe that?!?!
Like, ugh... I can't handle the personalities of a majority of teenagers, they are so self entitled with no boundaries!
Like, if they screamed into my friend's ear and I tell them to stop, they'll come closer and scream louder into her ear! Like, WTHECK! Ugh...
Yeah. Anywhosits, I did come home to a package sitting in my room from one of my besties up north!

 Low and behold what was inside!!!!!! I was so happy and grateful I started crying! I really don't deserve the people in my life, but I'm so happy they are and so blessed!

 Let me introduce you to Monsieur Alpaca<3

I love him so! I love my friend Catie and my friend PB who are super kind and treat me to things and places out of unconditional love!
I had a really good day!


  1. You are so cute! The alpaca is looovee. And disney land looked so fun!

  2. Oh LOVE your photos! And your Stitch stuff!
    Where did you get that kawaii Scrump bag?