Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bunny Hat Tutorial

SO, I made a bunny hat. I find it kind of awesome and apparently so did a bunch of other people, so I decided to make a tutorial for it. Now, mind you I am not at all gifted at sewing or pattern making. I cut a bunch of paper to figure out the best way to make this... I'm also sure there are better tutorials out there, but I think I did okay.

What you will need:
1/2 yard of fabric for lining, I used fleece for mine.
1/2 yard for the outside, I used some super soft fluffy fabric..
Stuffing for pillows/stuffed animals~ I got mine at my local fabric store.
Sturdy String
2 pom poms

Anything you want to decorate it with, I chose some flower patches, but you can use bows or something.

My fabrics^^
Here's a really icky looking pattern that I used. I repeat, I am not a skilled pattern maker, actually it's my first one and it might be off, because my middle long strip was kind of long...

So, starting off with your outer fabric, cut out 4 ear shapes [please cut 2 like in the above pattern, then 2 opposite/flipped over] and pair them off and face the outside pieces towards each other.

Then sew the two pieces together, leaving the bottom of the ear open. I used a super simple in and out stitch, which is all I know....
Then, when you're done, flip it inside out so what you want the outside to be, is actually outside.
Repeat the same steps for the other ear~
Now for the fun part, stuffing the ear!
Make your ear as loose or stiff as you want, and then when you're done, sew the open end shut. Don't worry about the stitching being visible, it will be hidden later...

Now onto the hat itself. You will want to cut out 2 of the large cap looking pieces, one like above in the pattern and another reversed/flipped over.
And you're going to sew the bunny ear to the top arch, towards the front of the cap shape, the shorter end of the ear towards the front of the cap.
kind of like this vv. Please sew them to the inside/ugly part of the fabric.
And repeat that to the revered/mirrored cap side.
Onto finishing the outer part of the hat and where it starts taking shape!

It's time to sew the side cap pieces to the center pieces and taking note of where the front and back of the center piece is, the  thinner end of the centre piece is the back, the wider end is the front.  Trim where necessary.

I made sure that I sewed the fabric together with the outer parts facing each other.
Kind of like this:
Does that make sense? SO, when you're done, flip it inside out and it should look like the bunny hat already with no visible stitching~

Now, with the fleece, cut out the cap shaped piece and it's flipped over counterpart and the long middle piece and sew it all together like the outer cap.

After that's done, you will want to inverse the outer cap and inner cap so all the ugly bits are facing out and line them correctly so that it's perfectly lined up, front with front~ back with back. You will want to follow around the circumference of the cap sewing the 2 pieces together. Leave an opening somewhere in the back of the cap

When everything is secured but that small section. Turn the cap inside out and pull the ears and everything from inside then sew the opening shut.
YAY! The cap is almost done! All you need to do is measure out out 2 pieces of string so it's long enough to tie if you need to and then sew it to the two edges of your hat.
After that's done, take a pom pom and thread your needle through the center and then through the string and keep repeating that until the pom secured to the string.
Finally, but optionally, adhere whatever you want to your cap, be it a patch or bow or whatever...
Then enjoy your new bunny hat!



  1. Waa! So cute >.<
    Thanks for sharing that Bunny Hat's Tutorial ;)


  2. No problem! I love wearing it and it was so cheap to make~

  3. Awh thank you for sharing the tutorial, love!!

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