Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Etude House 'Entoinette Collection'~ Review

So, I splurged and bought a big chunk of the Entoinette collection by Etude House after falling in love with the lipstick~ 
The pieces are so pretty and pink and match my room, which was a big deciding factor!
The collection consists of blushes, highlighters, brush sets, lipsticks, polishes and other wonderful whimsical things and are so very feminine and cutesy.
Not even opening them I was enamored by the wonderful boxing! I still can't bring myself to throw out the packaging..
 The first item I opened was my blooming flower blush brush.
The hair on the brush isn't very soft compared to my other professional brushes which makes me kind of sad. Also the shape is inconvenient and makes even application kind of difficult..
But it's cute at least? Eh, the cuteness don't make up for the mediocre quality of it...
Regardless, I will play around with it but I don't think I would recommend it for anyone.

 The next product I opened up was the highlight, which is half pink shimmer and half gold shimmer which is a very lovely mix! The heart shaped powder is adorable and comes in it's own packaging to keep it's shape before transferring into the wonderful container~
 The highlighter also comes with a powder puff, which isn't a great tool for applying highlight, at least for me but it's a cute little touch.
My only issue with the highlight in the heart shapes is that it's a smidge annoying to get product onto my brush or the puff, I close the lid and shake it to kind of break the heart a bit then gather the dust on the tool I'm using to apply.
But otherwise the colour is pretty and makes a wonderful highlight.
I also bought the cute blush in the pink tone. It also comes in 10 pieces like the highlight and has 3 shades of pink.
Just like the highlight it comes with a puff and has the same awkwardly uneven pickup as the highlight as also has to be shaken to break up the product a bit.
But after that it does apply beautifully and has a sheen of shimmer, with almost a cool quality to it.

 The other powder I picked up was the crystal powder. It says it's to be applied at the end of application as a face powder. I assumed that it would be a translucent powder so I was excited.
But alas, it's a full on shimmer and glitter!
Basically like a highlighter but less fine, I did apply it above my lips, on my forehead and cheek bones and it looks nice but it's something I'll save for going out at night or a super fancy occasion I would more feel comfortable resembling a sparkling vampire...;;;
But the lace puff inside is super classy though!

Finally, my favourite part of the collection which I have no complaints about, the lipstick.
 The lipstick is wonderful, and smooth and moisturizing and lasts a decent amount of tim. It's not super opaque but give a good colour payoff that in roughly 3 runs over my lips it gives full coverage.
I even bought doubles so that I won't run out, hehe...
I got them in the 2 special colours for the collection.

 I used all of the products in my makeup for the day, and it does give a very pretty princess kind of look.

I mean, besides the brush... The collection is worth it overall because the packaging is very unique and pretty.



  1. Whoa!! The packaging is super cute, and the first picture is so perfectly arranged! *0*

    Too bad the blushes and brush wasn't too great in terms of its function ;_; I heard about the Etude House Entionette Collection before and that is wasn't the best of quality, but the cuteness kind of compensates that. I agree, it's really creative and unique.

    Your pictures are always so pretty, kind of tempted to buy an Etude Liptstick myself!

    Thanks for the review ♥

    1. Hehe;; Yeah, I was reading reviews prior and I was like ehhhhhhh.... 'Packaging is worth it enough, I guess', and yeah...
      But, I really do love the lipstick, so having it plus the packagin makes it a worth it buy~
      But eep, thank you!

  2. Aw it seems that with many Korean cosmetics the quality isn't that good but packaging/product is super cute. Atleast you can probably reuse the little jars for something else ~

  3. I bought the highlight and the powder, but I haven't used the powder yet ^.^ I like the highlight and agree it's hard too pick up TT_TT I missed out on the brush and omg the lipsticks are amazing!! Totally worth it! Lovely packging and not to expensive either!

    1. Hehe! Packaging on this just makes it so worth it<3

  4. I honestly love the packaging of this collection, but I've read the products are no their best. Regardless they would all look pretty as decoration.

    1. Yepp, it's like I bought the cute casings and got makeup as a bonus, hehee;;;;

  5. It's a shame the products don't work as well as they potentially could, but the upside is once you finish the face products, you can use the jars to store small items around your room.

    1. I know, it's kind of a downer... But you and I are on the same wave length ;3

  6. Too bad they don't work as good as they look =(

    1. Yeah... :/ But I have pretty jars as a consolation I guess hahha;;;

  7. SO CUTE!! but too bad that don't work well.

    1. Yeah, but I'm not that disappointed to be honest... I did get drawn it with the packaging and that was up to par... heheh;;

  8. Oh my gosh, the packaging of all those products is so cute!


  9. OMG!!! This products are do darn cute, pretty, great blog darling ;)


  10. AHHHHH Etude House products are soo cute! I am thinking of investing in that collection too. Its just too cute!


  11. I honestly love Etude House collection. Especially the touch of pink in every packaging!
    ~Pauline @Kallony

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