Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yuna Rose Sweet Deco~ Molang Style

So, I contacted a wonderful cutie shop, Yuna Rose to do a custom phone case for me with a molang theme~
I found her on tumblr and started thumbing through her gallery and I was so impressed with her work and the detail put into it!As soon as I saw a previous molang styled case, I messaged her and with super quick responses and a friendly face behind the scenes, I had my case to order in no time at all!
I even was contacted with an update on my order when it was almost done, like it was wonderful and I knew that my case was in great hands!
My case came in so quickly and wonderfully wrapped, it even came in with yummy candy and a cute note!
So, let me spam you with pictures of my phone case~ [Molang earbud duster, not included]

[The front of the case is beautifully detailed with pearls, rhinestones and whipped cream]
 The back of the case is just pure magic, and so well done!
 Everything is nice and neat, no glue to be seen, no pieces that look or feel loose, and no threads of whipped cream coming up! Also, nothing is blocked by the deco even small little buttons~

 And, the case isn't too awkward to hold either!
 [still able to camerawhore!]
The case itself is very sturdy, and isn't that hard to put on! Though, like with most sweet deco, the whipped cream can get dusty, but it's easily cleaned with a damp cloth!
OH! And the best part is that if she can find a case for your phone, it can be decorated<3<3<3

 I'm super duper happy with my new case, and it's so photogenic!

And~ as a bonus, she gifted me a discount code for her store YunaRose

If you enter in 'carisseiris' it will give you 10% off all ready to ship cases, and if you enter 'carisse' it will get you 5% off your order<3



  1. How Adorable!!! >w<
    I died looking at the case *--*
    I wish I had a cellphone to purchase one D:
    When I get one, I'll surely get a decoden case <3<3<3

    1. Ah, no rush~ deco will forever be cute<3<3<3

  2. what a sweet case!looks like you're big fan of molang!^^

  3. super love it !!
    could she do international shipping ><?

    1. Hi Arisa! I'm the creator of Yuna Rose. We most certainly do ship internationally (we're based in Canada). If you have any other questions, you can head over to my etsy shop and I'll answer them there better :)

  4. Wow, the case is so cute.
    I hope you don't mind me asking but how much was it?
    I was just curious because most of her cases are iphone and it seems like anyone with an android phone will have to get a custom order.


    1. Hi Meggo! Our fully decked out custom cases start at $30 and simple ones are at $20. Carisse originally bought a full case, also at $30. I just premake cases for iPhones and Galaxy's most of the time because many people have those phones :) We can answer any other questions at our etsy as well.

  5. Oh wow, I've been wanting a deco case for the longest time and I just got my galaxy 2 days ago so I can finally order one! :')

  6. The bunnies are sooo sweet xD Cute-Overload :D