Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Disneyland Trip, full entry~

As you may have saw earlier, my friends and I had a blast at Disneyland, but besides the polaroids, I took pictures on my main camera as well<3
This time around was actually quite different because my friend was like, insanely sick [all up on medication to boot] and so we rented her a wheel chair [so she wouldn't have to strain herself and tire herself out].
Low and behold, it was actually really fun wheeling her around the whole day and queueing up in the wheelchair line [which you think would be shorter than the main line, but it's not by much and not for every ride...] Darn me for always being impatient!
Our first stop was to eat, since we arrived near lunch time then we headed off to Pirates of the Caribbean and after, I quenched my thirst with a yummy nummy mint julip! I love the mint julips at Disneyland!
I forgot how long lines are at Disneyland during summer, so I braided my friend's head... It looked pretty cute actually...
My other friend got a yummy dole whip~ Which is pinapple juice topped with pineapple ice cream, so refreshing!

One of my friends bought a really snazzy bad for our excursion! It's all the best male leads, I think<3
I also finally took a picture of the Mad Hatter's hat shop which is where I got my inspiration for my room~

My exhausted group<3 Lovely ladies, all of them<3
Oh, one of my friends got this really cute Dumbo souvenir popcorn bucket, we took turns all day pretending he was flying.
I would have to say, the higlight of the day was watching Mickey and the Magical Map, which is a new show that reclaimed the theater, which is how it should be<3
It reminded me of the older Disney shows showcased there like Animazement, seriously, you should youtube search that show, it was my fave!

This trio song has me so close to crying, I had a few tears escape and it was very beautiful!

I also found the Sebastian dude quite attractive...
Tiana in the show had some AMAZING arms, and pipes, super duper impressed!
I was so happy because the singers in the show were impeccable that day and really sounded recording worthy!
We then went to Toon Town, since it was near by and I just realized over how many years that the stuff in Minnie's house is crazy cute!

So, since Mickey and the Magical Map took over what was the Fantasy Faire, it was relocated to Main St, near the castle, and boy is it pretty!

There's a court yard with a pretty center piece~
To the side was an animatronic Figaro and also, the bathrooms are Tangled theme<3
The main point of our group heading there was for Maurice's Treat stand which has this yummy apple sluch with boysenberry stripes [the boysenberry is really sweet and I avoided it;;] and passion fruit froth. My friend said it's supposed to be kind of like a foux beer for kids..
BUT you can get souvenir cups which is what we came for.
Typical me, I got the princess goblet~ When I first saw pictures it looked really cheap, but the sickers and stuff are actually well done! I liked it!

What the drink looks like inside~
My other friends got the cool beer mugs! I kind of wish I got one, they look pretty snazzy!
We watched some duckings while we drank our beverages.
Later on we got 'sniner' [snack/dinner] at the Newer restaurant, the yellow pavilion or something.. I just remember it used to be where you got your Disney pass a while ago...
It's changed to a Merry Poppins' themed cafe which is REALLY cute! The details are so wonderful and are little hints to scenes from Merry Poppins.

All of our food from there was amazingly good, I highly recommend the quiche!

As the sun set we finished going on all the rides, ran around the park and crossed everything off our list including Fantasmic and the fireworks show.

We took our break time to ask for a few pictures to be taken of our group~
The guy wanted us to do happy hands~
Haha, low quality pictures off the Disneyland site because I don't want to pay $14 for a digital copy of one picture...
Ugly faces~
Princess poses~
To top off the night we sprinted to Space Mountain before closing, which is what we always do every time just to get a silly picture.
This time we took inspiration from DBZ, my friend's idea, and did a 'fusion' move!
Seriously, Disneyland is so fun, and I wish I still had a seasonal pass but you know, cutting it down to only special occasions makes it a bit more magical in some ways and it feels more like a treat~



  1. wow so nice pictures~~ I love speciality where you all were in front disneyland^^

  2. Awww, I want to go to Disneyland so badly, your pictures are wonderful!! <3 You look cute and it's nice of you and all your friends too take of your sick friend <3 <3

    1. Thank you so much ahhaa;; I kind of forced my sick friend, but I did pay for the wheel chair as an apology haha;;

  3. Disneyland looks so cool! I went to Disney World a few years back, now I want to explore Disneyland. Thanks for sharing your memories with us. :)

    1. Ah, I haven't been to Disney World since Animal Kingdom first opened! Disneyland is smaller but it's the original, so it's kind of worth it for that, I think!
      You are so welcome!!

  4. Disneyland looks like so much fun! I've only ever been to Disney World since it is closer to me.


  5. Haha, I actually visited Disneyland around the same time that you did! I remember your older posts about Disney, and I'm so glad your experience was better this time. <3


    1. Ah! That would have been so cool if we went the same time! But yeah~ I still avoid very crowded times if I can, I avoided the last 24 hour day like the plague...
      Thank you so much! I'm glad I haven't had a repeat of that... Ick..