Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ooh~ New style books, haul.

 My friend and I went to our local Japanese market and ended up with some goods... Haha, well mostly me;;
Before I show off the books, we found those mochi doughnuts I've been seeing around as of late and let me say that I like them more than normal mochi, because the inside filling and outside dough is in more of a balance and is more pleasing to me..
 Above, we have Peach Yogurt and Strawberry Shortcake
 We also got a Mango and Ultimate Green tea.
 Inside; the peach was filled with a jelly, the strawberry had two different flavours of dough and the inside was filled with cream, the mango also had two dough flavours and a cream center then the green tea had a green tea chocolate shell, some kind of bean paste and then cream filling.
 I think my favourite was the strawberry shortcake because it was so light and airy with a hint of strawberry taste in multiple levels<3

Now to the books~
I purchased two Larme fashion booklets [three and four] and the Gyaru makeup book<3
 I took a few pictures under to just show what is inside...

Yepp, that's kind of it!


  1. Oh my god they look so good ;-; there's nothing like that where I live so it's a little sad ):

  2. The food looks yummy! Oh how I wish my area had a local Japanese market.


    1. Ah, maybe look up recipes and make them at home<3<3??

  3. I wish I had a japanese market near me. I used to have a Korean one where I used to live before I moved... now I don't have either :(

  4. Mochi donuts? GENIUS!
    Ahh, you make me so jealous, I want Japanese magazines like that so badly!


    1. Huhuhu! I like them more than normal mochi so it's all good in my book!
      Ah, does have mag scans though!

  5. Those doughnuts look so interested! The one I'd love to try in the mango one. You know, I never actually tried mochi before, I always got the impression that it would be extremely chewy and dry >_<

    1. They are delicious!
      Ah, it's really good.. Uhm, the texture is kind of like chewing gum and it's pretty moist and super squishy almost melty and very soft...
      Ah, that sounds so odd;;