Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Quick blurb and some fun~

 So, the past 2+ weeks, I haven't had a cell phone and I'v probably getting a new one tomorrow, so updates have been very far and few in between... It kind of sucks and its been frustrating, but it's no biggie in the long run...
I've been quite busy with school, trying to get accumulated, plus I've just been a busy little bee. On top of that, my friends and I have been planning and getting started on our Halloween costumes and like the past 2 years, we plan on going all out again, so it's been quite stressful...

above was today's ootd for school and hanging out.
Dress from Nastygal, cardi thrifted.
Anywho, after class I went to meet with my dear friend Liza and took some purikura [at Fancy Box] then stumbled across a little food truck gathering and ate some really yummy food.

 The little characters on Mighty Boba's truck is so cute~

 I ordered popcorn chicken with veggies and tofu with a Peach green tea, no sweetener.
Good day, and was a well needed break.


  1. Your dress is really cute. It's very summer-y :)

    I haven't done some of those photo boxes in a long time. The last time I did one was when I was about 14 years old. I did one with my sister and I still have it in my wallet.

    I never tried a food truck before! I was hoping to try one before they're all gone for the winter but there's never one I wanted to try near the closest food truck station near me T_T

    1. Thank you~
      But, ah that's so cute! I always tend to lose my pictures over time;;
      So, mk when spring/summer's back you must go food truck searching. They're so good and you always meet awesome people~

  2. Ahh that chicken look amazing!
    and obviously you look fabulous as per <3

  3. I love the quality of your pictures... I wish I can take pictures like you :) By the way, how do you take care of your hair? Mine is pretty thin.

  4. you are so pretty i love your hair. can yo do a hair care routine <3 <3