Saturday, October 5, 2013

It's fall! Trinity Styles [Sponsored] Review~ -and giveaway!

Trinity Styles is an online shop that sells numerous fashion items ranging from jewelry, accessories, brand clothing and clothing that fits almost every style.
This month, I had popular classic items sent to me that I was just so inspired by~

'Little Black Skirt' [available here]
'Fake Suspender Tights' [available here]
'Heart Links Necklace' [available here]

 My first outfit I put together is very relaxed and casual with a short sleeved sweatshirt and wedged loafers.
Since the tights and skirt are warm and comfortable the outfit is very free and works well for days you want to look stylish but still retain that laid back appearance.
I love how the outfit looks because of the monochromatic style which seems to be quite popular the last few months. ?To stay trendy this fall, I would pair it off with a contrasting bag that has a pop of colour like red or yellow.

My second fall look is very classic with some nude heels from Topshop and a big fluffy Liz Lisa knit.
The look encompasas cute, comfortable and sexy.
I plan on wearing this outfit out for drinks when it gets colder and to a few holiday parties because it looks so pretty.
Some tops that would also give off the same appeal;
[Bubble sweater][Ingni fuzzy sweater] [Titty & Co Lace Top] [Mink one piece] [Lace shoulder sweater]
To bring the outfit together, I think a black clutch would be gorgeous and maybe a delicate headband.
[Snidel clutch]
The 'Heart Links' necklace is really pretty and really goes well with any outfit paired with it. It's unique enough to be a good accent and since it's gold it goes well with anything and will be enough as that final touch that makes an outfit look whole.
It's well made and the clasp feels very secure, a good piece that will carry over well season to season.
Just like I loved the tattoo tights, I love the 'Fake Suspender' tights! It has that sass and sex appeal of wearing suspended thigh highs, but it's not so risque because it's a full piece that covers you up fully.
These tights amazed me because they are well constructed and heavy duty. I have very long nails and the thigh high portion is thick enough to endure my talons clawing at them, and no runs! Though the sheer part is very delicate so I had to be very careful handling that portion of the tights, but I'm not complaining.
They're also very warm so they'll be very useful in the cooler months since I don't wear pants.

My final outfit is very autumn-y and I played around with colour which I don't do quite often since majority of my closet is pastel. But, with black as my base it's quite fun to play with multiple shades and layering.

I think that black shoes would look very cute with the stockings as an alternative because the black would create a nice line and elongate the look of my legs.

The 'Little Black Skirt' is a perfect pleated a- line skirt that is universally flattering [I'm wearing the size medium and it fits me perfectly]. It has a pretty waist to it, that begs to have tops tucked into it to show off the construction of the skirt.
The skirt feels really high quality and luxurious and is thick and comfortable.

Who knew I would fall so in love with black this season?
Trinity Styles is a shop I trust and 100% put my name behind to have quality items, great shipping and amazing customer service.
The code: 'carisse', will get you 5% off on your purchase and a free gift, so check them out!

 As a treat, Trinity Styles wants to giveaway one of the 'Heart Links' necklaces and $25 store credit coupon! [with purchase].

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Good luck everyone!


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