Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Inspired by the Line Play 2.0 Update!

SO! Line 2.0 finally updated for both IOS and iPhone!
Anyone that knows me, is quite aware I'm obsessed with Line and Line Play.
For those just learning about Line Play, Line Play is a little game for smartphones connected with Line chat.
In Line Play, you create your own unique avatar that can be either person [boy or girl] or animal. You get your own little cottage that you can earn points by cleaning your house and helping tidy other neighbours houses and by 'liking' other avatars. With the points, or in the game 'gems', you can buy clothing, hairstyles, furniture, even other gifts for your friends!
It sounds quite simple and menial, but it's highly addictive!
Every week there's new clothing and furniture released that have cute themes like pet shop, halloween, school chic even summer festival! On top of it, there's little 'gatcha' randomized games that have their own bi-weekly releases of cute little themes they're a bit tricky to win but the prices are lower than items in the shop but, like the real life 'gatcha' games, what you get is random.

You can also chat with other people in their PM service, or even on their own forums in the game~

Line Play also provides you with your own journal where you can post pictures or even create full blog entries on them, it's a fun way to get to know other people and peek into their lives.

Recently, Line Play had a giant update that really upgraded the visuals and even layout, it's been heavily anticipated and warmly welcomed! 
Everything is a lot crisper, and the movements of the avatar are a lot cuter!

I've worked quite hard on my little room to make it into my own little cafe.

I've also accumulated quite a wardrobe! It's quite inspired by my current wardrobe so I thought it'd be fun to roughly recreate some outfits!

Striped baggy sweater from Forever21
Hair bow from American Apparel attached
Lace culottes

Sheer off shoulder blouse from RED Apparel
Liz Lisa pleated skirt
Tortoise shell eyeglasses, imported from Korea

Ank Rouge knock off dress from Santee Alley [L.A]
Peace Dove Lace Angora Cardigan from Trinity Styles

Liz Lisa sheer sleeve top
American Apparel circle skirt
Off brand foux fur collar

Collared blouse from RED Apparel
Brown knit cardigan from TopShop
Brown pleated skirt from Yesstyle
Tortoise shell eyeglasses, imported from Korea

 Thrifted beige cardigan, Liz&Co. brand
White blouse from RED Apparel
Off brand lace skirt [bought at a local swap meet]
American Apparel hair bow
Tortoise shell eyeglasses, imported from Korea

Liz Lisa floral dress
Liz Lisa culottes

Line Play also has a vast array of hairstyles, colours and options!
I've tried to purchase hair that I usually emulate to make my avatar look closer to myself.

 My favourite Line Play hair is the twin tails, which was from a special Weekend 'gatcha' release called, 'Girlfriend'

 Easy peasy steps to an everyday and yet still mature twin tail look,
What you'll need:
2 hair ties that look cole to your hair colour

 Split your hair into 2 sections and brush out any knots in your hair.
 Tie your hair right by your ear, and pull your hair gently apart near where the band rests and tussle the hair near your scalp for some body.
 Easy quick hairstyle that is cute, yet very pretty.
The lower your hair is tied [anywhere from ears to shoulders] the more mature you can make the hairstyle.
Also, throwing in some curls into your hair makes the look more playful.

I prefer to keep my hair straight when it's in twin tails because I'm mid 20's so the more playful look might be a bit much at least for me personally...

The second look is one that was recently released and I've been obsessed with.
My friend was kind enough to help me pull it off.

It's basically a simple side french braid. [there's a lot of in depth tutorials on how to french braid on youtube] I actually, don't know how to french braid buy my friend is currently trying to teach me;;

 We then extended the braid down and tied it together with a pink bow that matched my hair.

 I next to a small section of hair, and tied it with a small elastic then twisted it and pinned it into a rose shape.
I just kept twisting my hair and eventually it turned into a rosette and just used a few bobby pins to pin it flat.
[Almost like a pin curl]
 Finished look looks quite similar to the avatar's hair.

The second option that looks similar to it is just a simple side braid, which is a nice touch, even accessory to any outfit.
So, I hope you enjoyed this Line Play 2.0 inspired entry, I know I enjoyed creating it and playing dress up with my favourite little avatar!

Come visit me on Line Play, and give me a like!



  1. Your Line-play character is so cute :D And I love all the outfits!

  2. I've never heard of line play! This is all so adorable; you make me want to have pink hair :)

    1. Hehe, It's a crazy obsesh at the moment;; Hehe;;; Ah but yay, thank you!

  3. Your lineplay person definitely looks like you (aka you are super cute just like your lineplay avatar)! Love all the outfits. They look so pretty and feminine. I wish I could play lineplay but for some reason, it lags on my phone and crashes. boo oh well.


    1. Woo woo! I'm glad~
      AAAAActually, there's a program where you can play online called 'bluestacks' I use it when I'm using my phone for other things~ It's free and works quite well!

  4. you line character is so cute, you did a good job with the outfits they are so adorable ♥

    1. Thank you so much, I'm very glad you think so!

  5. This is such a great post! I finally downloaded Line Play, and it is soooo fun! Thank you for sharing it. Now I just need to save up to buy super cute furniture...

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  7. So Kawaii <333 Luv your avatar... But answer my question pretty please with cherry on top! Where did you get the glasses with big eyes? <:'3