Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spring casual~Trinity Styles, Floral Oversize Pullover [Sponsored] Review

Back again with another review, this time from Trinity Styles, one of my favourite online retailers [and my friend, cause now half her closet is from there hahaha.] Trinity Styles is a store that revamps every season selling the latest trends and styles. This season there is a lot of Korean Fashion and street snap influence, which has a lot of lace inserts, oversized blouses, simple shapes and eye catching statement pieces.

This month, Trinity Styles sent me the Floral Oversized Pullover, [available here]
If anyone knows me, I am just crazy about loose sweaters as they can be dressed up or dressed down and worn in any type of weather. The day I shot my pictures it was quite hot, but I was relatively comfortable in the top. The fabric is best compared to a very worn in sweater, it's not too soft as to retain some of it's shape but it's very comfy. The top is a very thin knit, so it's easily layerable as to not produce too much bulk.

The sweater is quite oversized, I am a size 6/8 US and though I am not swamped in it, which I believe is the target look, it is quite baggy on me in just the right way. The sweater runs as one size and I believe it truly is a perfect 'one size' top as it would look good on any frame.

On the sweater, the bottom and sleeves are rough cut edges, which like most tee shirts or sweaters, is no problem as it doesn't fray so it creates a very casual appearance. The sleeves are 3/4 sleeves that are baggy and can be worn as such, though, I prefer to roll them up especially since the weather is quite warm.

 It is hard to tell from afar, but the sweater is a lovely heathered grey, which I just adore! Also the flower print is printed on in a very neutral colour palette, which reminds me of a vintage photographs. 

 The top has slits on both sides which I assume is not just for design but so the sweater doesn't hug the body in a unflattering way.

If I had other options besides my mini princess skirts, think the perfect pairing of this top would be:

Denim shorts, socks, white tennis shoes.
Beanie, cigarette jeans, ballet flats or a dark boot.
Over a mini dress with wedges.

Though, I do love my frilly little skirts ;3

 Trinity Styles is a shop I trust and 100% put my name behind to have quality items, great shipping and amazing customer service.
The code: 'carisse', will get you 5% off on your purchase and a free gift, so check them out!