Sunday, February 1, 2015

I Have Been Changed, For Good~ A gift to my friends.

My belated Christmas presents to my friends just arrived, and I finally packaged and wrapped them.
I thought I'd share what I got them before I give them out since my friends don't regularly check out my blog, haha~
For Christmas, My friend, Pepsi and I thought it would be wonderful to bring our friends to see Wicked the Musical, since some of them have never been to a musical and it is a great musical to start off with and would have a lot of meaning to our group. 

Happily, everyone liked it and loved the experience, doubly great because I already ordered my custom gifts for my friends, which correlate to the musical, from Layered and Long [found here on etsy].
 I ended up purchasing some beautiful simplistic bar necklaces, for very subtle and grown up versions of friendship necklaces. I thought it would have a meaningful touch for everyone since we had a beautiful memory to go along with it.
 I am very proud of my packaging I created for the necklaces and that it conveys the sentimental feeling I want to pass to my best friends.

As you open the box, necklace reads 'Because I knew you'.
Below, on the card continues the song lyric, 'I have been changed'.
Then when you remove the card that holds the jewelery, the last part of the song sits at the bottom, completing the phrase, 'For Good'.

I hope my friends enjoy the gift and sentiment, as it rings true at least on my end, that they are an intricate part of who I've become as a person.

I know I'm a big sap, but I hope they enjoy the gift when I give it to them!

But I thought I'd share the gift because I'm so happy with how it turned out and the planning I put into it~



  1. Ok so oh my gosh, those gifts are amazing. I loooooooove wicked and seriously that's such a unique and sentimental gift.


  2. This is so beautiful. A really great idea and it makes me really sentimental, myself. haha
    It must be great to be your friend

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