Thursday, February 19, 2015

Romantic Disney Eyelashes by Sho-Bi~ Review

I've been eyeing these Romantic Minnie and Romantic Daisy lashes by Sho Bi for awhile.
The collection consists of 8 types of lashes for different looks but I felt the No.3 Dolly Eye and No.7 Sexy Eye would fit my preferred lash style best.

The lashes remind me a lot of Jumily lashes, their construction is quite delicate and the lashes themselves are very soft and lay on a thin clear strip. I love these types of lashes, Dolly Wink I would put in a similar category [but I find Dolly Wink brand is a bit more durable than Jumily lashes, and in turn same as this brand.]
 The No.3 Dolly eyes are quite similar to Dolly Wink #2 but in comparison, are a bit more even with the lash dispersal, and not as long as Dolly Wink lashes.

In general, the lashes are quite dense, which I was surprised with after application. 
The lashes are quite light and yet still have a thick and very apparent false lash appearance. 
The shape of the lashes are great for my eye shape since they open up the appearance of my eyes, with the tapered shape, and winged appearance. The spaced lashes near the center are what give off the dolly visual and add a very cute touch to the eyes. The thing I like most with this pair and also why I love Dolly Wink #2, is that the center of the lash is it's thickest part in regards to the amount of lashes concentrated there. With the heaviest part of the lash in the center, the eyes have a very doe like appearance and look and make my eyes look more rounded and larger.
For an every day lash, I think I will happily wear these. They look quite close to a stacked lash in regards to density and have just enough flair to be enhancing without going overboard, just passable for a day time lash. It's a great mix of cute and intense for lashes and great for those who enjoy a dramatic eyelash.
I tend to stay away from lashes that seem to be the same thickness throughout because I always fear they will look too heavy for my eye. But, with the No.7 Sexy eye lashes they are the more natural lashes of the two. Actually, apart from say House of Lashes Sweet Romance [I  wore for halloween since I was dressed to look younger], these might be the most natural lashes I've worn to date.. They actually remind me of how my lashes looked when I had lash extensions.
From it's appearance on the tray, these lashes are quite deceiving! These lashes are so light, they remind me of butterfly wings, and they are not as thick as you would assume, or at least I assumed when I bought them. They did give me a bit of trouble applying because they were so delicate and I accidentally was able to slide the lashes out of place on the lash band with my tweezers. I also had a bit of a problem controlling the lash, but when I finally got them on my lashes, I was blown away with how elegant they looked. 
 Because of the even lash dispersal of these lashes, they give the eyes a more sleek and cat eyed appearance. The look and shape is further enhanced with the heavier outer lashes that rather than enlarging the eye shape like the dolly lashes, work to elongate and compliment my eye's natural shape. In retrospect, I wish I work more natural lower lashes with them as the ones I wore above don't have the same feeling as the Sexy lashes and actually work against the beauty of these lashes. So; for note, Dolly Wink #13 bottom lashes and this pair are a bit awkward with each other. Shame on me, I just found I had a pair of #12's in my lash case after editing these photos;;
In person these lashes are perfect for a daily look, even for those new to lashes or want an enhanced natural look. They actually come in brown too which would look even more natural and are quite tempting to me to try out! I'm actually shocked how much I love this pair, and they make me feel so sultry and effortless. Hands down, I'm so glad I tried a pair like this and they would be great for daytime and days where you want noticeably thicker lashes but want to avoid bulky lash bands and looking too over done.

How I feel overall about these lashes are I love them. It's very rare that I would hate a lash, but I avoid the types I dislike~ Mostly those that feel overly synthetic lashes or ones with overly thick lash bands.

Since this brand is comparable to my fave two lash companies it's safe to say I can add Sho-Bi's Romantic Disney to my list of my lash staples.

They easily get a 5/5 in my book.
 I'm not going to lie, I was actually pushed to get the lashes finally because I have a new phone case and phone theme that went perfectly with the lashes.
You can find these lashes on eBay [here] if you are interested in purchasing a pair.

I hope you enjoyed and found the review helpful,


  1. Bahaha now I probably don't even need to do a post about this from buying 4 of these back in July although I'm sure mine would end up so different with me hating everything since my eye shape is not suited for many different kinds of lashes. I keep wanting to try different ones but it never ends up how I want it to! Thanks for sharing

  2. they look so cute on you!

  3. I only have number 3 of those but I also wanted to try some more and I'm glad that you liked both because I wanted to try those that you got. Thank you for the review

  4. The packaging is way too cute <3

  5. I love how they look in your eyes, have much the same way
    I think I'll ask around, you will see eyes to daysi style as cute as ever ..

  6. I really like these lashes, I normally use the minnie mouse ones though but I'm eager to try these ones now after seeing them on you~

  7. These lashes are lovely; their design, the packaging, everything! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

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  9. The packaging looks cute

  10. The packaging looks cute

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