Sunday, September 17, 2017

Fenty Cushion Foundation~ DIY Cushion Foundation (I'm back!)

 Well, hello again my lovelies! It's been longer than awhile hasn't it~ and I promise I'll update you on my life and my future aspirations and goals for myself and my blog! All in due time! Right now I am back and here with a proper DIY and also slightly review the new Fenty foundation which is now in makeup collection.

I'm sure everyone online or attached to their phone is aware of the recent Fenty makeup line launch, so I don't think I need to go into detail of the new line. I was definitely drawn to investing in a few pieces and am happy with my purchases, which include; two contours, two concealers, one cream highlight, and the foundation. The foundation is the only product that I love and yet also wish was a bit kinder to my skin. The shade, 190, is the best matching foundation I have found for my skintone to date which is exciting, but the only issue is the super matte formula and how it sits on my skin. My skin is combo with the tendency to rough patches due to excema. So, no matter how I worked the foundation, it liked to exaggerate my dry areas. So, I had a thought~ Why not try mixing the foundation and at the same time turn it into my favourite type of foundation, cushion!

This past year, I've been loving how cushion foundations have been applying onto my skin, they minimize my pores and give me nice even coverage while letting my skin look like my skin and gives it a very natural dewey-ness that looks fresh and effortless. Oh, not to mention how they're usually have nice additives to enhance your skin!

Products you will need:
Foundation of your choice, mine as titled, will be the Fenty 190 foundation
[optional] cream/liquid highlight

Additional items:
Cushion foundation compact [mine I bought from amazon]
Spatula or spoon
[optional] extra cushion puffs

Let's get started!

 First step will be to mix up your foundation to your liking! This may take some trial and error, but hopefully I experimented enough to take out some of the guess work in this process. I did actually buy an extra foundation in case my experimenting was disastrous... So after some bad batches the recipe I ended up liking was more diluted than I expected it to be~

 As pictured, I ended up using 40 pumps of foundation, 10 pumps of serum, 4 full 'pumps' (dropper worth) of ampoule.
Which sounds like a lot, so I broke it down to:
Every 10 pumps of foundation it would be 4 pumps of serum and one full 'pump' of ampoule.
2:1 ratio of foundation to skin treatment
Optional, I also added a pea size amount of cream highlighter to add a light dewy sheen of the foundation.

 The next step will be to gently remove the sponge inside the cushion compact with the tweezers, to make sure you don't introduce extra bacteria into your foundation.
Upon removal, pour most of your foundation mix into your compact, then drop the sponge into the bowl and squish it around to absorb some of the remaining product into it.
When you've squished enough foundation into your sponge, pick it up with your tweezers and place it back into your compact and press the sponge down and squish in some more of the product placed inside it until your sponge is nice and product laden.

If you have a bit of overflow, you can easily clean it up with a napkin of q-tip.

 Then, that's it! A DIY cushion foundation~ Or, in my case, a Fenty cushion foundation.

 My cushion foundation has a light weight feel coming from the foundation it's self, the coverage is light to medium but it is definitely build-able. The dry down texture lays somewhere between semi-matte and dewy. It has a light sheen to it, but I wouldn't go far enough to say it is actually dewy.
The added bonus is it doesn't settle into my dry patches and it looks even more like my natural skin but just vastly improved!

Pictured above is my end product without any setting powder or concealer~ It looks quite nice on it's own for those no-makeup, makeup days. But with a full look, it really just looks like how I envision my ideal foundation!

I really couldn't be happier with how it turned out~ Hair flip  

So, yeah! It's definitely been a long while, but I hope this has been of some use, or could bring some inspiration on how to work with a foundation product that is just short of perfect for your skin!



  1. What's the difference between a serum and ampoule?

    1. Serum is more of a cream/moisturizer style base and ampoule is more of a water base and is more highly concentrated with skin benefits than the former.
      You really could use one or the other in all honesty~ I really just added the ampoule moreso to see if it would give more of a dewy effect but it really didn't ๐Ÿ˜… But I liked the consistency so just kept it in the recipe ✌๐Ÿป

  2. your description of the foundation actually appeals to me because I have pretty oily skin. Anyway, can't wait to see how you use all your other fenty products! Which highlight did you get?

    1. Tbh, I really think it's more suited for oily complexion, or at least is the intent? I just gave one of the bottles for my friend to try who is on the oiler side so ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป But omg, definitely converted to their contour sticks, they're my holy grail contour now! As for highlighter, I got star struck~

  3. Love it! Also your photos are amazing.

    Charming Coco

  4. ah sucks about the dry patches, good thing you found a solution now :) thank you for sharing!

    1. Haha, thankfully so! Phew~ But omg, it's my pleasure!!!!