Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Ultimate Magical Girl Accessories ~ ZALO Toys Review (18+)

Hey~ Your local ethereal entity here bringing the best magical girl accessories (18+) to you!

If you're under 18, please disregard this review as it's not my intended viewer base for this specific post/topic. 

Thank you for understanding!

Last year, though complete chance, I stumbled upon ZALO products and though a few hoops was able to find a seller that would ship a massager from abroad. Though some well timed googling I found out that the ZALO brand just officially launched their USA store. I was ecstatic and definitely went to town purchasing a few of their beautiful products! 
(Yes, purchased~ This review was funded out of my own pocket, but I was able to speak to the brand to get more information to be well versed with their items. I also have a short term affiliation and was able to try a new product for this review.)

ZALO is a relatively new company who, in their own words, is inspired and created for those who love beauty, display a deep respect for love and have a strong feminist spirit. The brand caters to those who desire a taste for aesthetics and maybe a bit of luxury. According to the brand they aspire to tie artistic expression with the best materials (ie; the softest silicone ever, seriously) and the latest technologies to create a great personal experience.
Definitely a brand that piqued my interest instantaneously and I felt fit with my wants and needs.

The most exciting purchase and the one I'm sure those who adore magical girls or just magical things in general would appreciate is the ZALO Sweet Magic series, inspired by Goddesses and named after human traits; Courage, Confidence, Temptation and Desire.

I decided I needed both Confidence and Courage from the line~ 

Confidence is a wand massager~ that has a heat mode that warms to human body temperature!

Confidence is actually my favourite/ must have product from ZALO in my entire collection,and my personal go-to, highly recommended! It has multiple vibrator modes that are just powerful enough for me without making myself numb from vibrations, something I'm glad it keeps me from experiencing. The bulb and the wand are also not rigid and has a flexible bend to it which allows for a better and more comfortable hold, and keeps me from also pressing way too hard to create numbness or soreness. The power lasts for a good 2-3 hours for me, tops. It is extremely low in volume which is great because I can't stand loud rumbly toys, I like having the option of being secretive if need be. 

Courage  is a 'G-spot' massager~ that also has a heating mode too.

I have to say, Courage is pretty fun! I'm not a consistent user of insert-able toys, yet alone one that's has G-spot stimulation. I found it a bit of a struggle to accommodate personally, 206 mm in length and 34 mm at the largest part in width, but one I got used to it it was pretty nice! I really enjoy the body heat function, oh my gosh, it's so much more comfortable and feels less cold and impersonal! Definitely something I appreciate. I feel if I let myself get more accustomed to it, I might actively enjoy the type of stimulation. The battery charge lasts for about 2-4 hours (heat function on both toys definitely drains the charge faster just an FYI). In regards to sound on Courage, It was barely an audible hum, easily the quietest of my haul.

Both toys have similar wand tops that are absolutely gorgeous. Oh, also it has a Swarovski crystal embedded in it! The controls are very user friendly and the main control being the little middle joystick in the center. I should mention that the shape of the top of the toy makes it so convenient to hold and manipulate, a serious perk I didn't expect and that I appreciate as it makes the experience more enjoyable as it keeps my hand from cramping in an awkward position.

The charger is conveniently located at the top and on the back of the device, indicated by the cute charger deco. Charging does take a good 30 minute to an hour but not that bad in the scheme of things. Also included with the toy is the instruction book, charger cable and a subtle storage pouch.

I also purchased items from the Lolita series, inspired by a sweet maiden's heart and named after beautiful things and sweet dreams; Momoko, Ichigo, Baby Star, and Baby Heart.

The Lolita series is one of the two luxury lines by ZALO~

The other collection being the Versailles series, inspired by the stories of romance and beauty from the French nobility; Marie, Rosalie, Jeanne, and Fanfan.

Both lines are jeweler crafted and plated in 18 karat gold, Lolita, and 24 karat gold, Versailles.

Since they are part of the luxury lines the Lolita and Versailles series both come in decorative storage boxes. They are also fully waterproof and both lines have bluetooth compatibility, which I will touch upon later.

The Lolita line is much sweeter and gentler series in terms of power and vibration, and on the opposite spectrum, the Versailles series is the most powerful ZALO line in their roster. Which may be food for thought depending on what type of experience is preferred.

The Lolita series as a whole I just couldn't get out of my head for a whole year~ Baby Heart  in particular I've had it in the back of my mind all this time and was initially the reason why I was looking up recent information on ZALO. The beauty of the line just really stuck with me and refused to leave me be.

But, first the packaging is seriously gorgeous on the Lolita series in general, it reminds me of a hat or lingerie box, something like a pretty gift and all the decor and ribbons are just a treat when opening. The Versailles packaging looks like a jewlery box~ so both a definitely indulgences upon arrival.

Baby Heart  is a personal massager~

I will say, I'm glad I went with my heart on this purchase and I have no qualms about displaying it. The gentleness of Baby Heart makes it ideal for gentle play, beginners dipping their toe into vibrators, legitimate body massage (personal or on others) or those who just want a bit of luxury on display. I absolutely ADORE it as a personal body massager~ Seriously, the shape is just perfect to fit into my cupped palm and slides beautifully over my skin, it's an actual god send especially in a world where massagers are usually ugly, bulky and usually in black or in not so aesthetic colours. I say it's on the gentler end, but in no means do I mean it's a slouch when it comes to vibrations, it will get the job done, but not in a earth shattering way~ more a relaxed wave when it's at it's highest setting. The battery life will last around 2-4 hours and is completely waterproof, as are all the items in this line, just to reiterate. The volume of Baby Heart is also quite low, probably the hum of a bumble bee so not invasive to the senses at all. It's seriously one of my favourites to just have charged and on hand, not just for pure aesthetic happiness and satisfaction but because it's multi-use and can be as innocent as it appears or just a little something extra..

 Ichigo is a rabbit vibrator~

Ichigo is the first product of ZALO I saw and purchased a year ago. My packaging, I'm sure, is not the updated version, but, the toy itself is quite up to date. I was surely taken with it's aesthetic at first glance and with the contrast of it's beauty and function it was an item I had to experience. It's definitely a product I would recommend for a beginners or someone looking for a tamer experience. There's two separate rotors for vibration, one residing in each tip and each independent of each other and with different modes for each. Insertion is also much more manageable for me, and I assume for those who are also either less experienced or who are just naturally less comfortable with heftier toys as it is 183mm in length and  23mm at it's widest part. I definitely enjoyed it more with the accompanying phone controlled app, which takes advantage of it's bluetooth capabilities and I will go more in-depth about the phone app later.

Oh yes, I should mention, how cute the charging light is! Seriously the Lolita line is so superfluous in regards to the visual experience and I have nothing but praise in regards~

Cleaning spray~ a gentle silicone safe cleansing spray

The Cleansing spray was kindly gifted to me from ZALO to try out. Again, the packaging is gorgeous! The spray has a very light floral orange citrus scent, nothing offensive and just light enough to faintly catch a waft while cleaning your products. I lightly spray it only my items after use and wipe it down with a clean cloth. It leaves the silicon supple and squeaky clean. I would say it's a shame the scent doesn't linger for long or transfer to the silicone because it's quite refreshing, but realistically it's good it doesn't. It just does as intended to clean silicone toys and leave them as good as new. The spray contains Benzethonium Chloride which is a disinfectant used in most antiseptics, mouthwashes and cleansing towelettes and is also anti-bacterial. It also has an added cleansing agent and another antiseptic plant based cleanser that seems to have a moisturizing effect too, super clean! I feel too overly educated on cleansing ingredients now after all the researching I did in regards, to learn and simplify what's withing the pretty golden bottle. Easy disinfecting in one easy step. So, if someone is in need of a toy cleaner refill, never tried one or wants an easy cleaning method, this may be of interest!

SO! On to the interesting feature that comes hand in hand with ZALO's luxury lines, Lolita and Versailles~  ZALO Remote which is available on Android and IOS

The app is relatively self explanatory after choosing one's preferred language, of which there is a few.

On the main page on display is the amount of uses, history and overall estimated calories burned which is something I was so entertained by,  like, can I enter this into my calorie log?! Because, I will! I'm still figuring out the the use of levels but I guess I'll have to see over time. I'm just a beginner at the moment but it'll be fun learning the ropes.

Also within the app, after it's connected to the device via bluetooth , which is extremely easy by the way, you can control your ZALO wirelessly/hands free for personal entertainment or even for fun with a partner! Available to play is a chose your own mode with controls on vibration pattern, speed and power, so much fun to mess around with. A music mode that can also sync the vibrations to any song available on the mobile accessory which works quite wonderfully. There's a tease mode which is pretty self explanatory and a scene mode, which has different scenarios that run though different preset programs of different patterns and intensities that fit the described scene which was really interesting! Lots of fun things to play with and really make the luxury lines a bit more interactive than a standard toy.

So, ZALO~ pretty fun introduction right?
I was really excited to introduce the brand to my blog in all honesty~ I showed it off on my tumblr last year and so many people were intrigued but it was a bit difficult to purchase stateside, but I was so happy to see ZALO USA here now, and that I can share this gem of a find to those that might actually fall in love with it as much as I did. It's niche that I hoped would be filled one day and the time of cute and quality adult items has arrived! I can happily say my expectations really were met and surpassed.



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