Sunday, October 28, 2012

What's on my phone~ Samsung Galaxy 3 apps

So I've been getting asked a lot what apps I have on my Galaxy3 and what I used to customize my phone~ So I'll try my best to list them all.
Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, WellsFargo, AIM

Customization Apps 

Which is where I got my animated backgrounds, icons, clock and lockscreen. [You have to pay for themes, but only like, $1.99 which I find is okay because I find the background worth it]

You will need to purchase 'beans' which aren't that much~ I think I bought 300 beans for $4? And You don't even need that many! I just bought WAY too much. At most, you'd probably need to buy 30-100 depending on how much you want to customize.
Themes like Dialpads, Contacts and messengers will cost beans.. Custom facebook or twitter skins are free. [pictures below]
Most of it is in Korean, there's enough english to get by and kind of figure it out<3

If you get phone theme shop you will need:
I also installed GO Keyboard for my pink keyboard
I also installed Optimization Rabbit Booster which is a cute skin to keep track of my phones stats and downloaded apps and storage...

Photo Editing

Camera 360 Just for the Sweet filter on pictures and the anti shake feature~ It's my default camera<3

Photo Wonder I like the beauty tools like blemish fix, slim, eye enlarger and whiten tool.
Snapeee is the best Purikura app I can find! And it's also a networking application too, it's super cute!
DecoPic is also another cute puri app that has other cute stamps

PicFrame is my go to app for neatly collaging pictures!  
Other Apps

Cute Memo, a nice little app that I use for making lists and reminders. There's no alarm, but that's okay.

My Diet Coach is a helpful app that gives me little reminders and alarms to drink water and to weigh myself or to eat my snack. You can customize your reminders and also weigh in and enter you stats on it. Very Helpful.

My Fitness Pal. My exercise and diet savior. It's been so helpful to me over the years, and now I can update on my phone and see how many calories I have left in my daily allotment.

SimSimi is a cute smart chat robot thing and brings me a lot of happiness because it's so cute and has nice advice.. Or evil advice depending on it's mood...

Those are the only apps I have so far, and I'm still finding more and the database is quickly growing.
I hope this was informative for those who were curious<3

Also, if you have any cute apps to share, please tell me!


  1. really cute apps thanks, I also use emoticon dictionary, pastel animal battery widget , pudding camera, and princess solitaire :3

    1. Oh my gosh, just downloaded pudding camera! It's so lovely~~
      Same with princess solitaire<3
      Thanks for the recommendations!

  2. you will totally love smile cat photo app and line camera! :DD

    1. Oh my gosh! Smilecat is SOO CUTE! It's like a lovely Polaroid! <3<3<3
      And I think I might fall in love with line camera! The bunny emote is KILLING ME~<3<3
      Thank you so much for the recommendation!

  3. so cute *_*
    i can't wait to get my s3

  4. Ohhhhh so cute!!!!! what you use for email??? i search cute email app but i dont have it nothing interesant!!!! T__T
    thanks so much i really like youre blog!

    1. MY email looks normal, I couldn't find one either...


  5. For the photo editing apps, are they all free?


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  7. BTW I found a Molang facebook and Molang SMS theme that i think you would like! Its an app similar to Phone Theme Shop but its in mostly Korean...its called HD Wallpapers And Background

  8. Hi Carisse Iris!!! This was super helpful :) Thanks so much! Is there an app to make the music cute?

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