Thursday, December 6, 2012

My all time favourite tea and tea set~

 So for the past maybe 2 or 3 years? Well, whenever it was that the Disney Wonderland Tea came out, I wanted to try all of the flavours and collect the little knick knacks that came along with it.
After I tried the available flavours, I always came back to the Mad Tea Party Blend.
 Please let it be known that I'm not a tea savant. I've been to my share of high teas and hosted tea parties, including Disney tea parties but out of all those tea blends and even grocery blends this sticks in my mind as my perfect tea.
The tea is of medium strength, and is a black tea with traces of ginger, peach and apricot. So it's a light touch of sweetness and a nice kick of spicy that's always unexpected to me but a blends so nicely together and makes it taste so unique to me.
Roughly, it's sugar, spice and everything nice~

Also, the tin it comes is so very whimsical that I enjoy displaying it on my counter for my friends and guests to pick up and read, and I always offer to pour them a cup~

 The tea is a loose leaf tea and is so sweet and fragrant with petals dancing around in the mixture.
 I even have a little Mickey mouse tea filter just for my set.
 Another little fun item that they also sell is honey spoons.. And it's not really pure honey, it tastes more like corn syrup but at 36 calories a spoon, it's not that much of a deterrent and a nice little treat if I want a more sweeter tea. Since the packs are quite pricey, one spoon is good for 3 or 4 cups of tea plus it keeps the tea from getting too sweet and using a whole spoon.

 As a treat since I let myself buy the honey spoons, I also bought myself a mickey gingerbread cookie as a little snack with my tea.
Boy oh boy, is the cookie heavy~ I couldn't finish it so I saved the other half for the next day.

 I also really love the tea set, I have yet to get my hands on the Tea pot that matches the cup and saucer but I see no rush to purchase it for myself. My friends aren't too fond of tea so most times it's a tea party for one while everyone else sips on coffee.

But the details on the saucer and cup are very darling with bread and butterflies and rocking hose flies from the cartoon. Same with embellishments inside the rim of the cup.

 My friend a few years ago also got me the mini filter tea pot which will pour 2 cups of tea.
 The design is a cut out of the Mad Hatter and Hare with alice and tea cups and pots of varying sizes.
Though be forewarned that the black metal isn't stainless steal and over the years has developed some rust from repeated washings and pourings.
But it's still a cute item that I use frequently~
Do you have a favourite tea or coffee? Or have you ever tried the Mad Tea Party blend and what was your take on it?



  1. I love the teapot you have, that thing is sweet.

    Also, speaking of sweet, nice gingerbread mickeys ^_^