Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Yes we need a little Christmas, right this very minute!

Ah! Christmas is my favourite season!
And for the first year, I've actually felt inspired to decorate my room for the season!

 All around my room, is fairy lights bordering the top rung, it's so pretty!

 Then on my table I set up a glass container with blue ornaments. I decided to stick with blue/silver as a theme to contrast the pink in my room. I was severely tempted to go all out with pink garlands and accents but I thought that it might be a bit to gaudy for my tastes.
I also took some of the Christmas tree trimmings for a fragrant touch added with my sweet smelling candles, Gingerbread; Sugar cookies; and Cinnabon brand cinnamon roll candles in original and pecan.
My room smells like holiday happiness!
 I also put garlands everywhere! Around every door, mirror and even my couch~ It looks like everything is trimmed with snow, ah, so magical~
 Even my pink chandelier got the holiday treatment~
My vanity also joined the merriness, and was decorated in ornaments.
While I was decorating, I decided to pull out the tripod and snap a few pictures. Mind you I just have a bit of bb cream on and lashes and eyeliner, that's it... I was very simple makeup wise today.
Also, the 10 lbs I've lost since Halloween is showing in my face, it looks much slimmer now...

I love frosted garlands! It's as close as I can get to snow in sunny California!

Have you decorated for Christmas? Do you have a colour theme? I'm so intrigued!



  1. So pretty! You should decorate my room instead :)

    1. I'd be down to do that! I love decorating, it's so fun and relaxing!

  2. Wahh, it looks really pretty! I would keep fairy lights in my room all year long, only if my mum would let me ( >⋂>)

    1. Thank you!!!
      This is the first time I've tried it, I have to admit I wouldn't mind keeping them up forever either!

  3. I like the deco, especially the blue snowflakes on the garland (I love snowflakes!)

    1. Thank you! I'm quite proud of it, maybe in the following year I can build up on it and stuff!

  4. Your room looks so cute ♥ I also love pink,blue and white/silver combined! You made the right decision not sticking with pink, even though I wouldn't say anything against it :D I only like the 3 colors matching much better!
    I think I'd be too lazy to decorate my room - It still looks like it did when I was around 15years old... x'D

    1. Ah, thank you. I'm glad I did so too, it might have been a bit of overload haha!
      But ah, that so nice and nostalgic though! I changed bedrooms 4 times and I never got to change my room for awhile, so I try my best now that I can~ it's my haven<3<3<3

  5. You really are looking slimmer in the face! That's so great for you, I remember you were posting that you were upset and dejected for gaining back the weight you lost. Congratulations, hard work and dedication really pay off! You inspire me to stay motivated in my weight loss journey as well, keep up the good work!
    -Ceci ^^