Thursday, December 6, 2012

GEO Nudy Blue Lens~ Review [Sponsored]

Long overdue review on my GEO Nudy blue circle lenses from Angelcontacts.
The Nudy blues are basically my every day contacts and my latest staple lens. Not only are the a gorgeous clear looking blue lens, they are wonderfully natural looking on my brown eyes!
I've been using them in multiple blog entries over the past month too!

The nudy lens is the lens on the right hand side~
[If you want to see the wonderful packaging, I have another review of the GEO Angle blue lenses from Angelcontacts [here]]
 Here's the stats:
Diameter : 14mm 
Base curve : 8.6mm 
Center thickness : 0.04mm 
Water content : 38% 
Lasts up to 1 year after opening.
 Natural light and Flash~

Now, let me tell you how infatuated with these lenses I am!
I've been wearing them almost every single day since they came in the mail, not only are they comfortable, it feels like I don't even have contacts in and I can wear them for over 10 hours without them feeling dry, but I don't think that recommended, haha.
Also, no picture seems to do them justice. They look incredibly natural and blend into my eye so well, it's almost seamless. The pixelation that seems apparent in pictures is no where to be found when looking at them in person.
They almost look clear in person, and very well mimics the glassiness of natural blue eyes.
Once again, just like the Angel blues, I'm surprised that the lenses are only 14mm, because they make my eyes look wonderfully large.

Ah, I want to do another photo set for them, but none seems to bring justice to the design and look of them, and I'll just keep getting frustrated with myself.

So, to sum it up, 
Comfort: 7/5 [haha, I'm so biased... I love the lenses too much]
Design:  6/5 <3

The lenses are so good that they deserve a GIF.

AND since Angel Contacts is a sponsor, they kindly let my readers have a 5% discount off their entire purchase with the code: carisseiris !!!!!

AND on top of that I'm glad to announce that they're having a Christmas promo! [with super good deals!]
Buy 2 pairs, get $10 off~
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So stock up or buy some lenses for your friends for Christmas or as stocking suffers and go flutter your doe eyes at a cute boy under the mistletoe~


  1. Pretty~ The only nudy lenses I've had were the grey ones, but my friend had the blues and they were really nice! I think they were her fave :)

  2. Lovely! I've had the green ones and I absolutely loved them! I think I'll try these blue ones and the grey ones next ^^

  3. Don't you think these blue lenses are quite dark? And give you scary looks too. sorry, but I found it bright and dark. Anyways thanks for the share