Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nom nom nom~ Huntington Beach Food Porn

My friend drove me to Main St. in Huntington today for some new places that opened up there~
 First we went to Bruxie, which is all waffles and yummy rich food<3
 The atmosphere is open aired and really chill~ We went around 2 on a week day before the Huntington Highschool crowd was released and after the lunch rush so it was really peaceful and laid back.

[They have a green eggs and ham waffle sandwich! Sounds so good!]
 Some delicious fresh brewed tea<3
 We sat outside and ordered to go, so we could easily eat and leave if we didn't finish and we didn't!
The food is so filling and scrummy!

 My smoked salmon lox waffle~
 My friend's sausage, egg and cheese waffle~
 Yum, yum yummy!
We then walked across the way to Banzai Bowl, which my friend never tried because it's always packed and super busy and it intimidated her~ But since it was an obscure time before the summertime or weekend rush, it wasn't too hectic, but there was a good line of customers!

 The place feels very much like Hawaii, and has a very hole in the wall shack kind of feel!
 My yummy diamond head~
 Look at all that nummy goodness!
 My friend's very... uhm... interesting bowl....
At least it looked nice???


But ah! Today was lovely!



  1. i wish we had places like those in the UK, they're so hard to come by here!

  2. Oooh a restaurant that makes waffle sandwiches? That sounds delicious. I should see if there is something similar where I live.


  3. Nom. nom. nom sorry don't mind me, trying to eat my monitor!! Lol. Oh, and I nominated you for the veratile blogger award!! :D Please check it out and