Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Trinity Styles~ Cute Spring Day Ootd [Sponsored]

 It's spring! That means warmer weather and cute transition clothing for the increasing temperature~
Thanks to  Trinity Styles I greeted the day in a cute and versitile outfit for the season!
Today I went to the beach and wore this cute sleeveless lace blouse [found here]
I layered it over a thin and unstructured dress for a more free look and it looked really cute!
As the night grew chillier and I headed inland, I donned a lace cardigan and it looked quite nice and dressed up my look a bit more.

The structure of the top is so nice and simple and can go with anything. It's so very well put together and the flower lace is very pretty and makes the top more feminine. I'm also looking forward to using the top during bonfires over my bikini and tucked into some high waisted boyfriend denim shorts!
So many outfit ideas!
Also, using the top tucked into nice black pencil skirt and worn with a more fitted cardigan would be great for interviews or business kind of looks<3
 Along with my top, Trinity Styles also provided me with these AMAZING foux thigh high tights [found here]! Not only will I never have to pull up falling thigh high socks again, they fit snuggly and look so very classy~
The top is a sheer tight and the thigh high part is truly opaque.
 They're very comfy not bunching or rolling and withstood my long talons<3 Which really takes a lot!
I wish I had these during winter, but I will happily be using them throughout the year~
 As a little bonus, Trinity Styles included this cute little double finger mustache ring [found here]~
It's the cutest little accessory and fit my outfit really well! I got a few compliments on it today because it's so quirky! The bands are adjustable and will fit any fingers you decide to put it on.

I highly recommend checking them out!
They have new stock in and some really cute summer dresses and sexy heels in their store right now~

Also, because Trinity is amazing~~
I have a discount code that will get you 5% off and a free gift with your order!
All you have to do is enter the code: 'carisse' and you are good to go<3

Check them out at

or their facebook at

I hope you enjoyed and may your spring be cute and fashionable!



  1. Oh my gosh, I love that lace blouse. I love the thigh high leggings also! I have always wanted to wear thigh highs but because my thighs are so weird, they never stay on. So that's definitely a cool and convenient concept.


  2. Awww, your outfit is so cute! I like the tights best! XD I really like tights. kekeke. Your blouse is cute too.

  3. Your outfit is cute, I seriously love the ring!

  4. That top is cute!! And it being lace makes it THAT much better :D