Friday, November 29, 2013

Belated; Went to the Frozen Pre-screening

 Oh gosh, I'm so behind;; I got the flu and blah!
I really should try getting back to blogging on a more regular schedule hopefully I'll be getting on that soon!

Anywho, like the title says~ I went to a Pre Screening of Frozen last week, I got the tickets as a birthday present so that was pretty awesome!

The even started at like, 9am?? But the first portion was a brunch with the princess but my friend and I missed it because we didn't want to wake up that early.

The event was really awesome, we got free popcorn and refreshments, special edition 3d glasses, a little magazine with cast interviews and free chocolate!
 Before the show there was ice carving and a little introduction of the princess from Frozen.

 The whole theater was decked out so wonderfully and they even had snow falling on us at one point and it was just really magical!

I really enjoyed Frozen, so much that I watched it opening day again and invested in the soundtrack!
The movie really reminds me of the Disney 'golden age', and was one of the best Disney movies I've seen maybe in the past 8 years~

[Not to mention, the cherry on top was Idina Menzel was in the cast, she was one of my favourite people back when I was in middle school...]

Eventually, I got to the point that I wanted to do a makeup to closely resemble Elsa, the Queen, who is my absolute favourite character!

My pretty makeup~

My take on 'hipster' disney princess Elsa~
Theeeen, this is the angle you're not supposed to see the makeup aka; look at all that contouring!
It's actually been awhile since I've done a makeup that is on the more challenging side, like changing my facial structure...


So, have you seen Frozen or are planning on it?



  1. totally planning on seeing Frozen for my birthday~~ Lol!! Everyone says it's amazing!!

    1. AHHH! Happy [early?] birthday!!!
      I hope you have fun!

  2. Oh my gosh, I've been wanting to see this movie since I first heard of it! Surprisingly, it's not really advertised here. I'm glad to hear you liked it (so much you went twice!). I don't normally watch movies in the movie theatre because it's so expensive but this is one movie I definitely want to see during the winter holidays!

    1. Oooh! I think it's worth it;; I hope you do too~~~
      Psst pssst~~ If you wanna watch some free movies, I go to [[ I'm totally bad;; but movies ARE pricey now adays~ ]]

  3. I haven't seen Frozen yet! I don't really watch Disney movies anymore since I moved away from my friends and the only person I have to watch movies with is my hubby :( The makeup is amazing btw!

    1. It makes sense~~ Aww, haha;; drag him! [jk jk~] <3
      But, eep thank you!

  4. OMG another real life elsa! :D now we're 2 ^u^ love your blog so pretty! stay gorgeous sweety ♥