Sunday, December 1, 2013

Elsa, from Frozen, Transformation

Okay, so, my Elsa from Disney's Frozen makeup look was more popular than I thought it would be;;
I also ended up getting more requests for it than I expected. I'm not entirely sure how to explain it but hopefully doing the step by step will be helpful at best. Ie; why I call this a transformation rather than a tutorial. Though, I will try tutoring as much as possible through out~

SO! Let's get started!

 Fresh face/ Base
Item used: Clinique BB+ Vassen cocoro blue circle lenses [review]
 Concealer/ Blended
Item used: Makeup Forever concealer
Highlight/ Blended
Item used: Clinique brightener
Compared to my face, Elsa's highest points are around her mouth, across the tip of her nose, forehead and cheekbones. So I have to make those planes on my face pop out.

 Contour/ Side view
Items used: Tarte bronzer in Park Ave. Princess

Elsa has a round almost square face, so I have to block mine out and reduce my jawline since mine is long and sharp. Her cheekbones are very prominent so I have to heavily contour to create the same lift and dimension.
Item used: Urban Decay's brow kit + Dolly Wink's brow mascara + black eyeshadow

Elsa's brows are relatively straight  but have a long and slightly arched tail. Her brows lift slightly at the start so I tried mimicking that and I gave my eyebrows a fixed position but it works.
Nose contour/ profile
Item used: Tarte Bronzer

Elsa's nose is thin but flares at the top and bottom. I had to keep a harsh edge on my nose in that shape to make my nose bridge appear to be that shape and blended out the side to look like my nose casts a shadow in that forced perspective.

I also had to make my nostrils appear shorter because mine are a bit larger than Elsa's. [This is where, you will have to decide how your face needs to be contoured in comparison.]
[Remember highlight brings the features up and out, while contour sinks the features.]
I also noticed Elsa's nose tip is shaded, giving her almost a animistic nose, just slightly. IT kind of reminds me of the nose shape used in 'Cats', the musical.
Blush+ Powder highlight
Item used: Buxom blush in Breathless+ Etude house Marie Antoinette collection, highlight 

Blush is applied to the apples of the cheek, which give her that flushed appearance and also makes the face look rounder. Blush is also applied on the widest part of the nose.

Apply the powder highlight where the nose indentation is, especially for me to hide the contours of my actual nose. I also applied it above my lip and along the thin part of the drawn in nose.
 Eyeshadow/ Eyeliner+false lashes
Items used: Urban Decay's eye primer, white eyeliner for base [so the purple pops], Kat Von D purple eyeshadow + icy shimmer, MUD red blush + Urban Decay's Zephyr + Dolly wink #2 lashes

Like her eye shadow, my blending is concentrated at the inner eye near my nose rather than my outer eye.
The eye colours can also be debated but I felt like a purple and red combo was the right way to go.
Also, keep in mind the red is a a modified 'cut crease' rather than a blending out of the purple.
On a random note, why the heck did they give her an 80's eye almost blended right up to her eyebrow?
It's not cute on anyone. Blend that under brow highlight to diffuse that red out a bit....
Then wing the liner out almost like it will meet the tail end of your brows.
 Under eye/ With false bottom lashes
Items used: Dolly wink nude eye pencil + MUD red blush+ Dolly wink #13 lashes

To make my eyes look larger I lined the outer corner in the nude pencil, then under it smudge some of the red under and run that along your inner corner.
Apply bottom lashes along the red eyeshadow, meeting your winged liner+ false lashes.
 Top lip liner/ Full lip liner
Items used: MUD Mauve lip liner

Elsa's lips are quite thin and especially compared to mine. I had to conceal my lips and I applied the liner drawing in a thin top and bottom lip shape.

Completed lip
Items used: Clinique lipstick in Angel red+ Buxom blush + lip gloss

Apply the lipstick on top of pencil, then clean up around the lip with concealer. Best trick for making lipstick life proof and smudge proof is patting a powder on top, I used the pink blush then apply gloss to remove the matte look.
 Freckles up close/ Completed face
Items used: brown and taupe eye pencil

And that's it!

This is by no means a 'natural' or even 'wearable' look for every day. But it makes for a good costume or stage makeup look. It looks great from straight on or 3/4 angles.

Finish it off by sweeping your hair and bangs back and braiding your hair to the side.

You can also go a bit more extreme by photo shopping your hair platinum and adding a cooler filter~


But yepp~ That's how I transformed into Elsa from Disney's Frozen using makeup!

I really hope is was easy to follow and was fun to see!



  1. Oh my god thank you for the tutorial!! I really love this look on you!
    You really captured the look~~ > u <
    Gaaah, I'm going to try this one day

  2. gorgeous <3 i don't think i can ever pull off something like this XD

  3. Love it! You've become one of my fave bloggers, babes ^^


  4. I JUST watched this movie and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Very good transformation of Elsa, she's my fav character as well! So gorgeous. :) Haha good job on this look, looks very similar.

  5. Really loving this makeup look :D
    I just seen Frozen so I got inspired aswell

  6. WOW! I love this look and am definitely going to try it asap!

    I am in awe of your blog and your hair is really cool! xxx

    -Ali (Aliology) xx

  7. Great!! i like so muuuch! :D thanks for the tutorial! you are so pretty too (:

  8. There’s something special about this movie that I’m soooo addicted to it. Maybe because it tells more of sisterly love, something that’s been neglected to most of the romantic animated films. Happy enough that Frozen the movie was a sure hit at home. Lol!
    In my attempt to find hooked viewers as me, I came to your pretty blog. =D Very pretty,much like Elsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!