Sunday, December 21, 2014

Blanket Fort Magic

Once again, I start a blog post  with an appology. My laptop's been broken for over a month and I have yet to fix it... I'm going to try blogging for a bit with my phone to see if its a decent replacement in between. If the quality it too poor or distracting, please don't be too shy to tell me so.

This winter has been a bit hectic, but I was able to throw a holiday party for my friends and part of it was a slumber party so I made a lovely blanket  fort that encompased my room.

After years of practice building blanket forts, I finally found a way to create an easy and cheap fort that looks impressive and is spacious enough for a good amount of guests.

Surprisingly, I used a cheap and very unconventional 'fabric' that was so perfect for my fort,  Plastic Tablecloth! I was able to find 300 feet online for roughly $20USD and I'm sure with more searching you can find a better deal. For my fort, I used baby pink and cream for a cute effect.

To start, I tied long peices of plastic tablecloth to my chandelier to anchor the fabric to something. Doing so, I made sure to unplug my chandlier to keep it from going on and becoming a fire hazard.

I then used string, I had pink yarn at the tine from Daiso so I used that, and lots of knots  and clothes pins to string the yarn around the borders or my room and along my walls. I then tucked the fabric behind the string to create the fort or tent shape. It did take around 3 hours to put up but it was quite easy to create and  so worth the effort!

Of course, I finished it off with  one box of decorative lights, and it made the fort not only look more magical, but served as perfect lighting for the room.

Once my friends came to enjoy, I felt quite accomplished. The best thing to  do in a blanket fort is wear onesies, drink hot cocoa and watch Netflix~

I hope you enjoyed my semi tutorial on how I learned to construct my blanket fort and you cold find a few tricks that were applicable to you....

Again, I will  try better to keep updating my page, and be a better blogger. ♥



  1. WOW it looks amazing and super cute! -^.^-

  2. You're so creative! I love it! Most of all the price of what you paid is, like, nothing! Wow, good job! Also, those onesies are too cute!

    The quality of the pictures is good BTW!


  3. Wow! Such a cute fort. It would be heartbreaking to take it down XD.

  4. Ohh this blanket fort looks like it is fit for a princess! ^ ^

  5. My friends and I are totally inspired to do a kigu sleepover because of you guys :)

  6. What a gorgeous blanket fort! I haven't had sleepovers with my friends in forever and I think it's adorable that everyone has their own kawaii onesie :)

  7. You look like a princess! xx

  8. wow this is so cool! I would love to do something like this at my place! I haven't had a sleep over for years, but now I have some inspiration :) Thanks!

    - Sarah

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