Monday, March 2, 2015

What's on my NEW Phone~ Samsung Note 4

I've had a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for a few months now, and I absolutely love it.
My previous phone was a Galaxy S3, so I'm quite familiar with it's features and already had an attachment to Samsung technology.
I am particularly fond of the larger screen, especially since I edit a lot of pictures on my phone and enjoy the expanded space. Also, the HD screen is to die for if you take advantage of it, I've used it to view a few high definition photos and videos and they are quite impressive~ but I will say for photos that aren't in HD, the screen can warp the colours and contrast a bit on them;; But it's kind of something you get used to after awhile.
I 'm not sure if it's Note 4 specific or other smart devices have the same features, but I really appreciate you can have multiple windows open at once, and you can crop and resize each window to your liking too and at the same time you can scroll, type and click on item within those windows while they're resized and/or cropped. It makes life a lot easier~ Or, me lazier? Something like that.
Also, the quick view button that shows all active windows makes flipping though open apps or pages really convenient. I actually take advantage of that option quite a lot, more so than having multiple windows open on my screen at once.
I also noticed that the battery retention of the note is a lot longer than my S3, which is pretty great.
Last but not least, I can't forget the stylus. I LOVE having a stylus, it makes typing with long nails a thing of the past, and it makes editing photos super easy.

So, onto my apps.
Above, is my main screen and lock screen, I went with a Daisy Duck theme to match my case, which I'll cover at the end of this post. I used a Dodol Launcher theme for my phone's main layout, and a Style Locker theme for my lock screen. Since I was set on a Daisy wallpaper to match my phone, I created my own on Meitu~

All the apps I use are free, unless I mention a price in it's description.

To customize my phone, I use an app called PhoneThemeShop
It's a Korea based app, but it's pretty easy to navigate because the main features are translated to English. The app and most all the themes are free and if you want a paid theme, which are few and far between, you buy beans which are a steal, and you get a lot of beans for your buck~ You can download full packages, or search for your needs; icons, widgets, lock screens, keyboard themes, wall papers, SMS themes and contact themes. If you're unsure if you have the required launcher for a theme you want, PhoneThemeShop will link you directly to the app you need to download and makes the whole customization process extremely easy. 

To customize my keyboard, I used to use Phone Theme shop's keyboard but since I needed a Kan/Hira keyboard besides English, I upgraded to Simeji keyboard which I customized with my own Meitu creation that matches my theme.

I actually use LINE over  the standard SMS, since the program is so easy to run and the themes are so clean, pretty and there's a good few to pick from. I also really enjoy the group chat functions and you can create basically your own facebook type feed for the members of your chat where you can store and share photos and files. Also, the Line stickers are addictive and extremely emotive and custom for your personality. I have and use a TON of them in my chats, so I take a great deal of advantage of them. I like them over standard emojis any day.

Camera/Photo Editing:
 I replaced the phone's standard camera with Camera360, because I have an addiction to their Sweet filter and I need to use it on everything.
To photoshop my photos, I use Meitu BeautyCam app, instructions on how I use it are in my blog post [here]
 After everything, and if I feel I want to add stickers to a photo, up the clarity or create a collage, I use LINEcamera. It's the perfect camera and photo app because it can do anything and everything and has a huge assortment of filters, stickers, photo editing tools and basically, anything you can think of~ If anything, this would be my go-to camera application.

Misc Apps:
Besides my what I consider 'standard' apps of; Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and MyFitnessPal
I have the above applications on my phone:
Coletto Calendar- A cute and girly schedule keeper and calander
Waze- A much more fun and interesting social based version of Google Maps/GPS [if you use it, you should totally use the Boy Band voice for navigation, it's the most entertaining thing to my friends and I.]
Eat24- making ordering delivery or take out a breeze, and without any social interaction, because who needs that.
Snapchat- kind of like intagram? but you can control how long a friend can see a photo and it dissapears, and the receiving company can't save a photo and if they print screen you are notified of the fact. If you want to follow me, my sn is CarisseIris.
LINE PLAY- my favourite social app, and kind of my addiction. [blog post inspired by it here][my tumblr lineplay tag] My user name is Carisse Iris if you want to add/find me. I actually actively update my diary on the app too.
TsumTsum- a cute Disney game where you connect like items and compete against your friends.
Yelp- my most used app when I'm with friends, you can look up and leave reviews of cafes, shops and even parks and beaches. It's a great app if you don't know where to go or are curious about places near and around you.
Hulu/Netflix-  monthly paid apps I use to watch tv shows and videos on my device
I also bought a wonderfully cute Daisy Duck phone case on eBay. I buy all my phone cases on eBay because there's a huge assortment to pick from. My phone cause is pretty bulky but I got used to it very quickly. The whole case is silicon and pretty sturdy and because of the bulk, it is a great case that keeps my phone safe when I drop it, which is embarrassingly quite a lot. The case also came with a chain and hole to attach said chain if you want to use the case as a purse to carry around your phone, great for days when you don't want to carry a purse or wallet. On those days, I actually just stick my credit card or a $20 bill behind my phone and tucked in the case for safe keeping.

But there you have it, my apps I use and what I think is a pretty good overview on my phone.

Hope you found it useful!



  1. Oh gosh, thank you for this! Your theme looks soft and cute! I've been wanting a Note 4 soooo bad but I don't get another upgrade 'til next year. I heard that its art software is pretty good and the stylus is good for art?? Ahhh I hope there'll be an even better one by my next upgrade...

    I have an iPhone 5c and I regret getting it because, even though it was $100 cheaper than its 5s counterpart, it's difficult to find nice/cute cases. The window options and customizability of the Note 4 sounds cool and useful! There isn't anything like that for the iPhone (yet).

    I really enjoy reading your blog posts, so I'm happy you've shared this. :)

  2. I just got an Android based phone, so thank you for posting what apps you use! My boyfriend just bought me an LG G2. I am an iPhone girl. It's been so weird using this space phone!

    I love your case. BF just got me a basic one, I need something to up that cute factor!


  3. Aw so cute! Thanks for sharing beautiful! I love androids for the customization and that multiple window feature sounds incredibly handy!

    blog @ k a r i m e w . c o m

  4. Thanks for sharing those apps! I had a few of them but I downloaded some ones I didn't have already and they... pretty amazing! I have the cutest phone now ^.^

  5. I love how everything matches with your phone case <3 super cute.

  6. i love beauty cam! but my HTC m7's front camera is shit LOL. im an iphone girl as well but I really love android for its customizable abilities :D

  7. hi. can i know what is the name of your theme? & also any idea to customize the keyboard to english as first language? keeps showing korean...

  8. I think committing yourself to a particular brand when it comes to buying gadgets is a good idea. That way, you'll be able to familiarize yourself with its products' features as it upgrades its software. At any rate, I love what you've done to your new phone. The wallpaper and theme are adorable. You did a great job showcasing your chic personality through the look of your phone, Carisse! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Caroline Matthews @ Cambridge Electronics Inc.


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  12. Im so happy you made this post. It even inspired me to make my own blog post 😊

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