Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mermaid Bling, My new fave accessory [Sponsored]

 So, if you're a frequent visitor to my blog, my big obsession for awhile has been mermaid themed items and looks. While I was surfing around Trinity Style's page, this beauty basically jumped out at me, saying I needed it in my life.
The Aurora Starfish Keychain came in super fast, which has always been a consistent with Trinity Styles, but this time in really cute pink packaging.
The keychain is pretty sturdy, clasps are secure and all in tip top shape. The keychain comes with 7 pretty baubles including two golden shells, and a pretty iridescent starfish, which is probably why it's titled Aurora Starfish;; [while writing that I finally got that, and how it's title correlates, oh man....]
The accessory is actually a pretty big size, the starfish roughly the size of my palm, which basically means it's a real eye catcher because of it's shine. 
 After having it on my bag for a week, it's still in very good shape, which is great because I seriously abuse my bags, so that means it's a pretty sturdy piece of bling. It also looks great on my bag! [also with my Q-Pot tote bag, cause it's seashell shaped]
Pretty sure y'all will end up seeing this charm a lot in future photo sets, especially because I just really love the look of pretty and feminine mermaid type things. 
Honestly, I haven't had a keychain in forever, like since high school.. I forgot how nicely they can add a personal and stylish flare to a bag or onto keys. I'm feeling pretty sassy lately with this bling on my bag. Even if I don't look like a celestial mermaid every day, I have this touch of magic on me all the time so it's pretty nice.



  1. That is a really pretty touch to anything. I've been all over the sea shell thing lately myself because summer is here and I want to go to the beach! My mom got me this huge nautilus charm and I feel like Ursula from The Little Mermaid when I wear it, rocking someone else's voice around my neck <3

  2. The keychain is SO pretty and SO you!


  3. Aww, the key chain is super cute and I love all the charms ~

  4. Ahh it looks so cute, I love hanging charms on my bag, but they always fall off :(!

  5. This is literally one of the most beautiful pieces I've seen in a while. I totally get your "obsession" (I use that word in a loving/friendly way, so no worries) with mermaid-themed accessory and so on; especially if it looks that magical and pretty. (´ ▽`).。o♡

  6. Very beautiful accessories I want one for me rs