Friday, April 17, 2015

Cute Lips Tutorial

 Lately, I've been seeing this cute lip shape becoming popular recently, even so far to people getting surgery to create the same cute lip tilt. I'm not quite sure what the name of the shape is, but I will admit it give off a very playful appearance.
A bit of a tip before hand, this tutorial isn't quite flaw proof, I will show a picture of what I mean at the end of the tutorial, but the creation of the look doesn't translate to a very natural appearance when the look is darkened extremely like I do for the photos. The best way to make the look appear more natural is to complete it with a light hand. Please use the look with your own discretion and modifications if need be.

Items I used:
Brown eye/lip pencil
Natural lip colour pencil
Sheer tinted gloss in a natural colour
Translucent powder  +  a powder puff
Concealer [used to tidy up the lip area]

Additional dark brown or black eye/lip pencil
White eyeliner
Super shine lip gloss
Before I start, this is an example I drew up, to easily map out the steps in a clearer way.
 1. Start with a clean lip, no lip balm please. You can further prep your lips with a lip primer or with some concealer.
2. Map out the contour. Create the base shape you want your lips to take, it will be slightly different for each person so take the time to create the best shape for you. For me, I created a shadow around the tip of my top lip further amplifying the slight fullness I have there. I then created more of an upward lift the the top corners of my lip, quite similar to a winged liner, but very subtle. I then created more fullness to my bottom lip by creating some shadow on the outer corners.

~Tap translucent powder over the contoured areas~
This will keep your look in place, and is quite important.
 3. Darken the areas of shadow. I darkened up the top lip contour around the tip of the lip to further make the areas seem to sink back.
4. Use a natural lip liner to outline the lip and fill it in, avoiding the areas you applied the contour colour.
5. Using a white eyeliner or lighter lip colour, apply it to the areas that you want to amplify. I applied it to the very tip of my top lip to enhance the shape and right above the contoured area to make it appear like there was a bit more volume to the lip in that area, which is why there is a 'shadow' being cast under it. I also applied a bit to the center of my bottom lip to make it appear plumper. This step is optional, but it does make a difference.  If you need to, please feel free to lightly blend the liner with a lip brush.

Please powder your lips with a translucent powder again, to seal the work you've completed and to make the look last.
 6. Using a lightly tinted gloss, please apply it onto your lip, avoiding the contoured areas. This will not only help to blend the highlight into your lip, but will make the lip look more voluptuous. Then please feel free to finish by applying a concealer around your lip to clean up the area and to finish the look.

Optional~ You can darken the contour with a dark brown or black pencil, which is what I did in the top photo, and can apply a super shiny gloss on the very tip of the top lip and to the very center of the bottom lip to really give the look some oomph!
Also, just so you know, the lip look can look a bit ridiculous with either wrong angles or expressions~ Above is how my contour looks with my lips in a pout. A bit silly right? 

Well, I hope you enjoyed the look. I really enjoyed creating it!


Also, sorry for the cellphone quality photos, but I wan't prepared to do a tutorial, but still wanted to put this out for those who requested. I will also do another one next week, for a cute smiling lip look.


  1. This is something I want to try now, just for fun! It's not something I think I could do for every day life ^^


  2. I love this idea haha! I like this shape alot too bad I don't have it. When I do try your tut, I'll make sure to tag you in the photo :D. Just gotta make sure I dont open my lips :x

    Anne Bee xo

  3. Oh, this is so cute!! I really want to try it out now.

  4. I saw this on your instagram and was wondering if you shaded your lips like that. I'v loved this lipshape since seeing Wonder Girls' Sohee and it's nice to see this idea *^*

  5. Cuuute! It gives your lips a dolly look with a natural smile to it.

  6. I want to try it looks so cute hehe

  7. I want to try it looks so cute hehe