Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Cardcaptor Sakura Hairdryer~ Review

Earlier this summer I purchased the Cardcaptor hairdryer by Super Groupies, which is a Japanese company that specializes in making anime fashion merchandise like luggage, high heels and also hairdryers.

I have never really needed a hairdryer since I tend to air dry my hair, but this summer I had multiple times I washed my hair a bit to late and was mourning the fact that I didn’t own one. Also, I was styling my Halloween wig and needed a hairdryer to set some pieces, so it was the perfect time to look into purchasing one.

While looking around I saw that there was a Cardcaptor hairdryer now on the market, so I contacted a  Japanese buyer to purchase one for me. [as of writing this blog post I’ve found multiple sellers online and on eBay but there’s also a huge influx of knock offs so purchase with your own discretion] 

The hairdryer came as one complete piece packed nicely in a cute themed box. It has the ability to fold in half into a compact size for storage or travel. As a whole, it’s incredibly sturdy and well structured. The wings feel very secure on the unit, with no flex. The hairdryer’s head, though clear, has no issues with overheating and is also firmly attached to the casing. Which I did honestly have slight doubts about for some reason, but thankfully those doubts were unfounded.

The hairdryer has 3 settings; Cool, Haircare, and Quick Dry. Cool and Haircare both operate on a medium air pressure while Quick dry has the faster air speed. Cool, as it implies, is just cool air which is what I use for my own hair and I’ve had no issues with additional hair damage. Haircare is a low heat setting at 50 °C that I’ve actually used for multiple things like helping to dry some paint, for different art projects, and most recently my Succubus horns! The Quick dry setting is the highest heat setting at 60 °C with the addition of a faster air speed, which I’ve only used on my wig project to help melt the plastic hairs a bit to set the style. It really works wonderfully for every task I’ve used it for. Which makes it a nice basic hairdryer. No over heating, easy to control and operate, and a nice air flow.

The details of the hairdryer are really the biggest draw to the unit and the reason I decided to purchase it. I may not be that vocal about it but I adore Cardcaptor Sakura, it was one of the shows I grew up watching so I definitely look back on it fondly and enjoy the aesthetic of it’s merchandise. The attention to the details and contours of the hairdryer is really quite lovely in person. The main pink colour is a nice semi matte pink and the head has beautiful metallic detailing. The bottom of the hairdryer also has a slight gem like connection to the plug, which needs 100 V 50/60 Hz and can fit into a standard US plug. 

Is it the best hairdryer on the market, I highly doubt it, but it does what it’s intended to do. So, it is what it is. A nice good hairdryer with a cool, low and high setting. The main advantage is that it’s so cute and definity a nice addition for someone that may enjoy the Cardcaptors aesthetic as much as I do. I definitely feel like a magical girl when I pull it out of my hairtools drawer, hehe!

Do you own any niche merchandise? Its actually my first time purchasing something not Disney related but I have such a soft spot for nostalgia related items!



  1. omggggggg that is so cute. I love cardcaptor but lately I've been buying sailor moon things for my room.

    Did you know they are resurrecting the card captor series? A sequel is gonna starting sometime in 2018!

  2. This is the cutest hairdrier ever. It's so nice!!