Tuesday, December 5, 2017

What's in my bag!

 I feel like this post has been a long time coming since my last one was 4 years ago! ~ 

What's in my bag, 2017!
So, to start off, my main bag is a Liz Lisa three-way bag which I just keep in backpack form. I get a lot of wear out of it as it fits SO much stuff and has lots of pockets for organizing too. It's really become one of my favourite purses I've had over the years.

My second bag I will go though is my 'tech' bag, which is a slightly older Liz Lisa clutch, that fits my tablet and can also fit into my purse if need be.

Sitting at the top of my bag is my 500 ml bkr water bottle, which is actually one of the staple items I take everywhere. I have a few of their bottles that I take out on rotation, but this week it's the Rose Gold Tutu from their 500 collection which has 500 Swarovski crystals n the cap of the bottle. It's super sparkly and looks quite cute. I like bringing along water bottles because it helps me drink water more often than I used too;;

I also always carry my wallets. One is Ted Baker and the other is a Liz Lisa pass holder that I use for convenience~ I have two so I can switch bags easily and be able to just grab my license and debit card without much fuss or thought when I need to.

The next section of items from my purse are items I find important but not really staple for everyday. Included in that would be; My key chain that holds my car keys, my bike lock and a mini tactical knife. A reusable tote bag as my city charges an extra cost per bag when shopping, so, I always carry my own to save money. I always have my favourite pen on hand that is customized to have cute colours, pink, magenta, and a dark purple. Then, so I can access my schedule and my to do lists, I always try to bring along my planner. I like to physically write out the things I need to do or to remember so having it on hand is extremely helpful to me. I also like to have tissues as I am prone to bad allergies and extremely teary eyes so if I'm without a tissue, I look like I'm miserable.

Something that was also in my bag was my Censi cat ear headphones. I don't always bring them in my purse, but when I know I will be studying , will go to the gym, or will be out alone, I have them with me. The headphones are not just cute and pink but they're Bluetooth enabled, waterproof, and has detachable cat ears~ I tend to never have the cat ears on unless it's for photos, but I appreciate the option.

I don't quite keep track of what other items I carry with me besides my staples, so the remaining clutter was a mixed bag of surprises. I don't even know why I have an 'L' wrench, a vacuum hose attachment or measuring tape in all honesty, oops!
Besides the oddities, I have a mirror compact that I bought when I saw the Anastasia musical, a fringe roller, EOS lip balm, hair tie and a spare hair bow.

A constant, but overlooked, bag companion I have are emergency supplies. I have feminine sanitary products, Benedryl, alcohol pads, band-aids and lash glue. Nothing super exciting but it's nice to have on hand just in case I or someone nearby may need something.

The last items in my purse are doubles of my favourite cosmetics; I have a travel size Tatcha facial spray for refreshing my skin or my makeup, it's actually my favourite setting spray and makes my makeup look beautifully dewy. I bring along a YSL tint-in-oil, I Rose You, that is a beautiful rosey tint/gloss and works quite lovely as a subtle blush in a pinch. I also bring my YSL tint-in-balm, Dream in Nude, because it is the the best 'my lips but better' shade on me and it's super moisturizing, and I like having it on hand if need be. Then I have a roll on version of my signature perfume which is Dolce&Gabbana's Pour Femme.

Funnily enough with all that's in my bag, it doesn't look stuffed. Though, I definitely took this opportunity to take out some clutter, haha;;  

Now onto my 'tech' bag! Which is something new for me to carry with me, but it's a necessity for being able to study on the go~

I do want to take a moment to show off my cute Little Mermaid charm on my bag. I love it so much.

I have a good assortment of stuff in my bag, and all of it fits comfortably in the clutch which was totaly a happy accident!

The main item I carry is my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. My iPad is housed in a keyboard case which I think is 'ieGrow'? I bought it off ebay and it wasn't labeled... Either way it's Bluetooth enabled and works just fine at making my iPad more convenient to type on. Also, the keys glow pink, so I can't complain. 

The smaller items I carry in the bag are; A Mophie powerstation xxl which is a portable battery pack that can charge up to three device at once and lasts for hours! A spare wall charger if by luck I am by a wall outlet. Then I bring along a cables for my battery/headphones/tablet case, my iPad/Pencil and a cable to charge my phone. Basically, I'm ready for anything.

I like to keep my 'tech' bag as uncluttered as possible to keep it light and well organized so it's not a hassle to bring wherever I need to be.

I hope this was moderately interesting to read over, but it also leaves me curious to what my readers take along in their bags as an everyday staple?



  1. I love your post! It always makes me happy when I see form and function fused together. Seeing all your super cute accessories is total motivation for me and my purse too!
    I also keep my planner, my phone charger and cord amongst other things on me everyday!

    1. Ahh yay, I’m glad!! Man, I really should be bringing a spare charger for my phone in my purse tbh especially since I lost my car charger...

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  3. Everything in your bag is so cute and so nice! The waterbottle is so beautiful as well.

    1. Thank youuu, tbh best change I’ve started doing was bring water with me everywhere!

  4. I saw that water bottle being sold online at sephora. It's so cute but so expensive! Also, I see you got that tatcha dewy spray. My best friend loves it but hunting for the obento box set with the full sized dewy spray was a nightmare. Sold out online and in most stores. Had to hunt it down at a sephora I'd never even been to.

    1. OMG I did too! I ended up having to go to Disneyland cause it was over there;; But ugh, so worth it imho😱