Monday, March 4, 2013

Updated: What's in my bag~

So, my cute mint satchel broke the other day and it made me really sad~ But, I did get my Liz Lisa lucky pack just in time... [I will do a post about it this month too<3] The bag that came with the package was too cute to not use, the only things keeping me back was the fact that it's like half the size of me;;
But, as my mum pointed out to me the other day, I barely bat a fake eyelash at what others think of my outfits so why should I not use a perfectly lovely bag because of how others will judge it because of it's size....

Thus, I made my decision and decided to just go for it and use the crazy ginormous bag as an everyday bag~

 ^^Pretty details of a pretty bag~ It's put together very well, no exposed threads, no sliding pieces within, secure handles, smooth zips and a very sturdy and flat base, which I love because it keeps my things stable inside like my camera and journal.
 ^^A peek of how things fit within my bag, I should mention that the pockets are AMAZING, they fit my deco phone case!
 Now on to what I take along with me on a daily basis.
 My DS, which currently houses 'Adventure Time, Hey Ice King- Why'd you steal our Garbage!'
 Pokedometer, where my Eevee resides... Though most of my deco has fallen off over the years..
 I recently started bring my LG hard drive [and plug] where I store pictures from my camera and music files.
 A new addition to my bag over the past month has been my 'Wreck this Journal' which I made into my own little hardback molang themed book. [It's been requested that I do a tutorial on how to make a hardback journal, and I will do so once I buy some fabric for it!]
Also above, is my wallet which I got in a magazine a few seasons ago, but it fits all my cards and other important things, and I also have a little chibi Totoro my friend gave me for my birthday a while back and a little bunny character one of the shop keepers that I'm a regular customer of gave to me as a little gift<3 [not to mention I tend to pack a random bow, the one above is from bowkuma; code carisse for 10% off.
Another recent addition to my bag is another item from the Liz Lisa lucky pack which is a makeup case~ It's super soft and fits a lot more than it looks like it would~ it even has little pockets on the inside for more organized storage!

 ^^It's overflowing with miscellaneous items~
 In my makeup case I keep:
Top row [left to right]: Dolly Wink lash case and glue; EOS lipbalm in strawberry; Mini mirror; pill case with vitamins and fiber pills~
Lower row [left to right]: Kracie Oil blotting sheets; Lip gloss; Etude House Lipstick [from the Entoinette line]; K- palette long lasting liquid eyeliner; Misc pens; Mini travel container of  Dolce & Gabbana, Pour Femme, perfume; Etude House, Rich Collagen hand cream~

[I also keep some hard candies in my makeup case too in case I get a bit hungry to keep me from buying fast food or for when I want to give some away to someone...]

Yepp, I know I did do one of these in November, but I thought that with the bag change that it would be a good reason to not only show off some on my new goods and additions to my purse but to segway into the next blog entry [which I will hopefully get done this week] about my Liz Lisa Lucky pack~

Which makes me also wonder, what do you keep in your purse?



  1. Oh my gosh it's all so cute!

  2. Yeah! All is too cute and adorable~~ *-*
    I love it! <3

  3. your bag and makeup case is so cute! it reminds me of spring~

    1. Thank you so much! Ah, I'm glad that it works with the incoming season!

  4. It all looks beautiful and sweet, XD

  5. So cute! But now I wanna see you with your bag too see how big it is kukuku and good decision too use it, having something and not using it is the same as not having it :D

  6. Wow, you can fit so much in your bag! Nothing wrong with an oversized bag. It fits everything you need and want. You'll always be prepared.


  7. Gorgeous blog, love the colours and the pictures compliment your theme perfectly!

    I love your bag, I honestly used to carry huge ass handbags until I realized that they look really empty and silly on me. Awesome job on the Molang-themed journal, it's super adorable!

    I carry a lot of stuff in my bag including but no limited to a plushie, journal, sketchbook, camera, wallet, keys, makeup pouch...etc

  8. All the stuff in your bag is really cute <3
    Liz lisa is one of my favorite brand.

  9. Omg awesome!! XD

    Is that a Royal RoseBig Tote Bag??

    If yes, I have than the same one ^.^ Lol