Sunday, October 21, 2018

Cute Brown Cat +Sexy Black Cat Filter Makeup~

A few years back, right before I had my new set up, I did a cute and easy cat makeup for a quick last minute Halloween look which I absolutely adored!

I really wanted to repeat it again this year and also share a mini tutorial on how I put together the look.

Products needed for eyes:

Primer (for longevity of the look)
Eyeshadow in colours; cream, warm brown, dark brown, black (preferably matte)
Eyeliner of choice (I use liquid eyeliner in brown)

Products for cat filters:

Brown Cat; taupe eyeliner + dark brown eyeliner

Black Cat; black eyeliner + black liquid eyeliner
(optional dark lipstick or lip gloss)

To create a cat filter effect, I found it helps to have a bit of dimension to the doodles. I created dimension by sketching a heart nose with a taupe eyeliner. If any mistakes are made it can be easily cleaned with a bit of concealer. Tapping on the line with a ring finger to fade it out will also make it look like more of a pixels fading out around the main line.

In the middle of the taupe lines, I made a cleaner line using the dark brown eyeliner.

I repeated the same easy steps with the whiskers~ 

Then, done. I drew on ears, but the effect's there! For in person wear, wearing little cat ears would be just perfect!

For the Black Cat look, I applied it on top of the Brown Cat eyemake. The only difference is I darkened and smoked out the winged liner with a matte black eyeshadow.

For the Black Cat filter I repeated similar steps as with the Brown Cat look. I created a light rough sketch of a heart nose with a black eyeliner. Tapping the edges with a light touch of the ring finger, will create a base for the look of blurring out pixels.

Darken the center of the lines with a liquid or darker black eyeliner. I decided to go for another doodled cat filter like nose which came out quite adorable!! I repeated the same steps with whiskers on the cheeks.

I ended up really disliking the gradient look (I may have been copying a cat filter I liked haha) and decided to apply my favourite deep red lip gloss instead, which was a much better decision. I like the look of plump vampy lips a bit more.

Then, DONE! Also, added extra doodle effects because, why not~

Meow! I really loved how these came out, simple but extremely cute! Ah, I'm already getting ideas for next year's look!!