Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas gifting DIY mugs

Ooh la la, I'm low on the flow so I needed some way to gift everyone on a low price range.

SO, I decided to make mustache mugs. If anyone knows me, I am obsessed with faux mustaches and the like. Thus, it occurred to me to gift unique gifts that'll remind my friends of me while they drink a lovely cup of cocoa!

[Oooh, idea! I might make mini servings of hot cocoa in a baggy for everyone! Even though I made hot cocoa on a stick last year...]

Might as well tell you how to make these lovely mugs!

Items you will need:
Mug- I bought mine at dollar tree for, yes you guessed it, $1! [I bought 10 in total]
Porcelain Pen- Which can be found at Michaels or any craft store for $5, with tax.
Paper, scissors and tape [for making and pasting you're stencil of a mustache]

1. Wash and dry you're mugs
2. Draw or print out a mustache and cut it out.
3. Tape you're stencil onto the mug.
4. Shake the pen well and colour within you're stencil.
5. Remove the stencil and fill in and fix up you're mustache. [Don't worry, if you mess up you can wipe any smears with a paper towel or a finger...]
6. Wait 24 hours for the paint stuff to dry.
7. Follow the instructions on the pen and bake you're mugs to make it wash proof.

AND VOILA! You have a mustache mug!

My total for 10 awesome gifts was $15!

[If you add the bags I bought at Dollar Tree, the total is $21!]

Hope you found this interesting and inspiring!

<3Carisse Iris


  1. Cuuute! I might do fancy girly ones for all my friends. Can you imagine drawing spiderwebs for goths or fancy lace for the girly girls? I kinda want to make myself a custom set. *u*

  2. I love these mugs and these mug mustaches! love them! Will make these for all of my friends the coming November! will be a hit!