Sunday, January 8, 2012

Random Picture Spam

Besides getting my ring flash in the mail, my Minnie hat came in too. I'm a bit too excited with all these things coming in the mail.
I am still awaiting a few more things so this is going to be a pretty fun month because getting mail is like opening presents.



  1. REALLY like your pink outlines >< did you do that on paint or something?

    PS: like your minnie hat <3

  2. You're so cute! ; o ;
    That hat is so fluffy and adorable, do you mind if I ask where you bought it?^^

  3. You are beyond adorable!

  4. Oh thank you so much!
    It's a pinkage wig from the Tokyo collection..
    [when my hair was actually that colour it was not shiny at all but rather very dead and dry....~~ ;;]

    But if you were to dye it, you'd have to go platinum and use a good lavender toner... Afterwards you can either do a glaze of pink by mixing the pink with conditioner and letting it sit for a bit, or how my hair stylist did it was highlight my platinum hair with a mixture of toner and red dye and only let it sit for maybe 10 minutes just enough to tint my blonde hair...
    That result was pretty close to the wig colour though a but more ruddy....