Monday, January 30, 2012

Unlucky day;; but on the other hand....

I was so happy to wear my Dazzlin' sweater top today so it made everything okay.
Todays outfit

Oh yes, thank you so much Emy! <3<3<3
I'm so in love with the sweater like, it's insane. :3

Yeah, I'm getting used to taking pictures in the mirror in my room... I don't know why It feels so awkward to me, er, why I'm awkward..
Oh yeah. So when I went to dinner, the pavement was uneven right in front of the enterance and I ate the floor pretty hard and my leg and arm is all scraped up. To make things worse, my food had hair in it and they didn't even compensate me some extra food, a new plate or a discount or something... So, I didn't tip...

Don't go to Hokkaido restaurant near Fullerton College...
Plus the wait staff has an attitude and it just got on my nerves..

Yeah, oh and I'm done with my personal training today...
So, I'll just pull a pouty face.


  1. That tiger shirt...I want it :D

    1. It's Dazzlin' brand... but I know that Yesstyle has a few pretty good knock offs.
      or you could check out minimaos for the real deal..

  2. I loooove that sweater! I've been wanting to get one myself in yellow!
    Anyways, I hope your booboos heal quickly :[
    There's a few restaurants I've gone to with horrible service. Once, this older asian woman that was out waitress actually said to me, "You ruin your hair." Like, are you kidding me? I had green hair then. And she turned around and said, "This is all my hair." WTF?! AND, she told my friend she shouldn't wear her makeup the way she did that day - .-"

  3. that tiger sweater is super cute ahhhh u wu <33

    also WOW! that's some pretty shitty news.. just never go there again ever
    hope that your scrapes heal up quick too <3