Thursday, March 8, 2012

Food Spam~

So much good food this past week, I just wanted to share some of the delicious food I've eaten within this past week, which has given me a pretty much infinite food coma...
Morning Soba and unagi at the Mitsua food court <3

My friend also introduced me to this really cute cafe near her house called, 'Milk and Honey', located in Cerritos, quite close to 'Guppy Tea House'...

They have a vast assortment of sweet and savory foods all for a decent price and really amazing service!

I really want to try their waffles....
My friend and I ordered popcorn chicken, sesame buns and squid balls! All of the food was so delicious, that just reminiscing is making me salivate.

Later on in the week, we also brought another friend with us, and she got this really yummy yogurt smoothie and we all shared their brick toast!

The brick toast was okay, but it's the first time I've seen a bricktoast-ception [erm, inception brick toast?] Haha... There were like, 12 brick toast babies in a toast house. I was so in awe of how it looked to be honest!
The aftermath~

My friends and I also went back to Cool Haus [link to previous post about Cool Haus]
I ended up getting a Pistachio Truffle [ground truffle, not chocolate truffle] ice cream with a Strawberries and cream cookie! Yum, it was SO delicious!
I also tried some of the 'out there' flavors and they were really not my taste. Especially the Balsamic Fig one.. That was definitely not pleasing to my palate...

I also found out that near me they have a food truck night! So, I've been frequenting the 'Lime Truck'
And oh my goodness, their food is to die for! I especially love the Lamb Sammy!
^^Lamb Sammie

My friend always gets the Pulled pork french fries and Strawberry Guava limeade.
I've also tried the Smoked Duck sliders... They're pretty good, but I just love lamb a lot more :3

Sorry for all the food porn, but man my tummy has been super happy with me this week!


  1. Wow the first bowl looks sooo deslish! And the restaurant looks so cute, love the theme of it. hmm so hungry now!

    Im in a 'iwantdeliciousfood' coma right now ..