Monday, November 19, 2012

GEO Angel Blue Lens~ Review [Sponsored]

 The lovely and cute AngelContacts sponsored me 2 amazingly comfortable Geo lenses~
I've been curious and wanting to try Geo lenses because people have told me they're one of the most comfortable brands, but I've always been hesitant because they all only come in 14mm, which seems so small and not enlarging to me, or so I thought.
AngelContacts is a small online shop based in Canada (Vancouver and Toronto) and specialize in cosmetic GEO Circle lenses. 
I really enjoyed looking at their site because it so simple and clean and very easy to navigate.

 Just like their site, their packaging is simple and clean, not to mention really cute and convenient!
I was so impressed with how everything fit so well!

 Not to mention they have instructions on how to open the bottles! Sheesh, I wish I had this when I first started with circle lenses!

 And on top of that they even include a how to put on circle lenses and take care of them! It's like a beginner's dream guide!

 Seriously, I'm so impressed with the packaging, it's just so straight to the point and neat~
Here's the stats:
Diameter : 14mm 
Base curve : 8.6mm 
Center thickness : 0.04mm 
Water content : 38% 
Lasts up to 1 year after opening.
 Okay, so I said the EOS lenses were comfortable right?
Well, the GEO lenses are beyond comfortable and it's like I'm not even wearing lenses, no I take that back, they feel like they are like, healing my eyes, though I know that's not possible.... [ahha]
But, it's like angel contacts! [do you get the pun???, but I'm being serious..]
As for the Angel blue design, I'm so super shocked that I love how the design looks, it doesn't 'blend' really but they look really natural and make my eyes looks mysterious and deep. I was even asked if they were my real eye colour! And I didn't feel like they were remotely close to blending and looking realistic at first but I guess they are, well, at least not with flash...
As for enlargement, even though they're 14mm, they don't look like it! I would say they are pretty good enlargement, not so much to be fake but enough to make a difference and look okay without makeup.

So, for comfort I will give them a 7 out of 5 which doesn't make sense but it's my blog and I can do that.
Look wise, they get a 5/5!!
 I think I'm going to become a GEO girl!

AND since Angel Contacts has become a sponsor, they kindly let my readers have a 5% discount off their entire purchase with the code: carisseiris !!!!!

AND on top of that I'm glad to announce that they're having a Christmas promo! [with super good deals!]
Buy 2 pairs, get $10 off~
Buy 3 pairs, get $15 off~

So awesome, I say stock up or buy some lenses for your friends for Christmas so you can all be angelic looking dolls!
I still can't believe how comfy they are... So shocked...



  1. never look bad in ur pics do you? So pretty! I personally don't like the angel design but they look really nice on you :)

    1. Haha, I only pick the nice ones I have like a good collection of unused not so flattering pictures ;;
      I think the lens design grew on me after wearing them for like 5 days straight~<3
      [at first try they weren't my favourite...]

    2. I do the same, lol. I have only tried these in green, and when I went to work one of my coworkers said "I can't look at you". I was too reptilian!

    3. Hahaha! Oh man!
      Actually irl, they blend in well they almost look black and not really blue.
      My friend asked me why my eyes looked so deep and 'sad' hahaha, which I'm not sure is a compliment or what;;
      But they look nice.

      Actually I've noticed that it's hard to find a good natural kind of green lens that doesn't look crystally/reptillian or very blocky and weird..

  2. you look so good with dark hair <3 !!!

    1. Thank you, I'm still adjusting to the look even though I've had it for half a year...
      [I'm still missing my bleach blonde and pastel hair...]

  3. The contacts make you look so dolly! Even though they are only 14mm.


    1. It surprised me so much that I didn't need the large size for a big eye effect!
      Crazy what a design can do 0.0

  4. They look really nice!! But then again there isn't one picture where your eyes do't look nice *o*

    ^~^ I have a quick question though :o
    Im looking to buy a pair of circle lenses and I was wondering if there's a brand you would recommend...maybe a website? Please!!^~^

  5. Gorgeousness! These look so big *-* I'm torn between these and super nudy blue...

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