Saturday, April 27, 2013

Big dolly eyes [current makeup] Tutorial~

Wow, I didn't think that my eye makeup would be this requested... Haha;;
It's a basic gyaru eye, but instead of a smokey eye~ I used a simpler eyeshadow technique.
But it's actually pretty easy, so, explaining it with a pictorial shouldn't be hard~
Like any makeup look you may need a bit of practice to get it right but it will come easily after you get the hang of it.
What you will need for big dolly eyes:
Circle Lenses [optional, but helps~ I have a few sponsors on the right side of my blog that I highly recommend!]
3 colours in the same colour family [best time to use a palette or quad], I used:
  • Urban Decay 'Vanilla'
  • Urban Decay 'Baked'
  • Urban Decay ''Twice Baked
Liquid Eyeliner
False Lashes
  • DecoLash in 'Play Sexy'

  • Dolly Wink #13

1. Using the lightest colour 'Vanilla', use your finger to apply it to the inner corner of your eyelid.

2. Using the medium colour 'Baked', using your finger apply it to the outer corner of your eyelid and blend it into the lighter colour in the center.
3.Using a stiff small brush or 'q-tip', apply the darkest colour 'Twice Baked' in a moon shape along your outer eyelid and into your crease then using your finger or a blending brush blend it out but retaining the shape.
[Optional, if you need help blending~ use a vanilla or shadow 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone to help blend the darkest colour to disperse evenly~]

4. Using the darkest colour 'Twice Baked' and a stiff brush or 'q-tip', create a comma or curved triangle shape under your eye and tapering in where your pupil is. Connect it to the shadow on your eyelid, it should frame your outer eye. [widest part is roughly 7mm past your natural eye shape]

5.Using the lightest shadow 'Vanilla' and a stiff brush or 'q-tip', apply it to the inner corner of the eye and blend it into the darkest shadow.

6. Apply the liquid liner slightly above the inner corner of the eye to create space, and meeting the line along the lash line. [when you close your eyes the line should be a straight line instead of following the natural shape of the inner corner, you may see a very small gap~]

7. Wing the liner, not in a 'cat eye' and angled up, but more of a straight line and elongating it roughly 1cm past your lash line

8. You can tell the line is more straight than a normal 'cat eye', but because it's elongated it will still be a wing but will make your eye line look longer.

9. Apply the top false lashes. Make sure you trim any plastic that extends farther than the false lashes for comfort.
I apply the outer corner first, placing it on the wing, 2mm above the natural lash line and 5mm past the natural lash line. The lash then meets the natural lash above th pupil and sits above the natural lash or as close to it as possible towards the inner lash.

10. Apply the bottom lashes. Also make sure they're trimmed accordingly for comfort.
I apply the outer corner first, placing it 2-4mm below the end of the top lash and placing the inner part of the bottom lash along the lash line, like above.

[You will have to practice application and your personal preferences and adjusting the measurements to best suit your eye shape and face shape!]
How the finished eye looks!

The finished eye look compared to my face without makeup.

 I have been using this look quite often lately because it's very fast but still makes my eyes look a lot bigger.

I think it looks very nice for daytime or night time.

Please remember that practice and patience is your friend and if you've always wanted to try lashes, you just have to take the jump into using them practicing and trying to perfect application.
[always remember to use an even application of glue and a very thin strip of glue and to wait till it gets slightly tacky<3]

I hope this was helpful and that you could get use from this!


  1. Your eyes look so huge and dolly! I'm totally trying this out when I have the time. Just wondering, what diameter and style of circle lenses do you find to be the most dolly?


    1. I prefer 14.5 lenses and I might go back to using 15 but I have to try them again~
      But for me, 14.5 is perfect... Just enough enlargement but it still looks relatively normal with minimum makeup...
      Mmmhm, but 15 is VERY dolly but I feel needs full makeup to not look uhm... 'alienesque'<3

  2. ^.^ Wow, you look so pretty here! I mean, your always pretty but... these pictures are just cutesy and pretty!! And your eyemake is so so so nice~

  3. Thank you for the tutorial! I love your eye make-up. You look very pretty :3

  4. Gorgeous look :) You always look so pretty :) I really need to learn new makeup skills...mine is so so basic :(

    1. Eep, thank you!
      but just keep practicing and you'll get it<3<3<3