Thursday, December 26, 2013

Winter Disney Nails~

 I have a new and pretty nail set, once again, done by Atlas Studio
I had three girls working on me, but I believe the nail artist I had majorly this time was Hana[?]

It's a classic Disney nail set featuring Bambi and Patch from 101 Dalmatians and a pretty tea set.

A few of the insane details. I think this nail set took the longest on record for me, 5 hours.. But, even the tea pots and cups are super detailed with flowers~

I'm always so amazed what the artists can do with a tiny brush on a nail surface...

My cute 3d portion with floral work and a bow to 'tie' it together<3

I love Atlas Studio, their nail techs and their atmosphere and I can't wait till my next nail set.

[[For those that are curious, these are my natural nails. Kinda crazy, huh?]]



  1. O.O Such a pretty nail set!! I love Bambi so I might be biased... lol

  2. Very pretty! I wish I could grow my nails like that!

  3. omg seriously the details on those disney nails are amazing! I could never get it so perfect like that SOBS* Love the bow tie to tie it together bbhahahahahaha.

    I've just followed you via GFC, looking forward to your next post!

    xoxo, Mango ❤
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