Saturday, December 14, 2013

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, review~

 Wahoo, my first Naked palette! Tbh, the first two didn't strike my fancy especially since I had a lot of those UD shadow pots and/or similar shades. I'm queen of neutral colours basically.
But, this palette really drew me in. I mean 'rose hues' is the theme of the set~ And, as a rose hued kind of person I kind of had to have it;;

 ^^ Packaging~ Okay, so I kind of hate that the casing is tin. It makes me kind of nervous of dropping it  and eek, I just really don't like metal packaging... I mean I guess it's easy to wipe down to clean it and it will look nice just as long I don't dent or scratch it...
 So the package comes with little trial versions of their eye primers. I LOOOVE their eye primers, I personally use the original primer potion on a daily basis. I was kind of afraid the little samples would be pots since that would mean it would be a one time use per package. But happily it's a squeeze pouch so it's easy to close and keep in good condition for a few uses.
 Dun dara dun! The colours! Apparently these are all new shades so that's really exciting! I tried filtering it to show off the correct tones;; There's really no justice done compared to how it glows in person.

The palette also comes with a crease and shadow brush... Good quality but I prefer my own brushes over the given one.
So here are my swatches, in order, using the original primer potion as a base~

Strange: matte bone/cream colour
Dust: flesh/pinky glitter
Burn out: perfect light rose gold metallic
Limit: matte pink/taupe
Buzz: purply, pinky glitter
Trick: pink copper metallic [similar to half baked but more pink to it]

Nooner: pinky/purple taupe matte
Liar: rose bronze glitter, metallic? I can't figure it out but it's pretty..
Factory: golden metallic with a little dark pink sheen
Mugshot: Dark gold/brown glitter
Darkside: Mauve brown metallic
Blackheart: Dark dark brown, almost black with red glitter

Like all Urban Decay shadows, they're incredibly pigmented and have little to no fall out and are just silky soft like a butterfly's wing~

The palette is so worth the $52 USD price tag! I'm just hoping the release the colours in the palette separately down the road if I need a refill;;

 My eyeshadow look using the palette~
On the lid I used, Strange and Dust.
On the inner crease, I used Limit.
Then, the outer crease I did in Nooner [totally in love with this colour] and darkened the outer crescent with Liar and Factory.
Finally, I highlighted under my brow with Strange.

I then gave myself a strong winged liner, brought some of Nooner on my lower lash line and highlighted my under eye with UD's Vanilla [not from the palette;;] to finish it off!
 Pretty rose eyes~
[On a random note, I'm totally going to try filing in my brows with Limit to see how it fares, I feel like it would be my perfect brow colour...]
How do you feel about the New Naked 3?
Do you own any Naked Palettes and which is your fave?



  1. You are so gorgeous! <3 I don't buy/wear eyeshadow but my friends all love these palettes!

    1. Pshhh, you don't need eyeshadow your eyes are a frickin bombshell w/o~~So jealous hahha;;;

  2. Lovely, ive seen many tutorials on this palette and the looks they do dont do the palette justice but your look is amazinggg! you made me want this palette even more ♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Thank you so much! [still not satisfied with how washed out it looks compared to in person :[[ ]
      But I try~~ Ugh, seriously I give it high rating! Give into the peer pressuuuureeee~~~

  3. How much was this palette and where did you get it? Are these all shimmer or matte? I didn't like the first Naked palettes because there were a lot of matte tones in there and I never use them >< Really like your look! :3

    1. 3 mattes, 4 glittery ones and 4 metalic satins~ and without tax its $52 at sephora or online♥

  4. I want the pallet so bad but we don't have it here in our country.

    1. Oh no! :[[ Maybe soon itll pop up at online retailers or on amazon or ebay!

  5. I have both number one and two and damn, I really want this one too :/ I've been really liking pinks lately... sigh... Urban Decay.... why!??!

  6. Love the way your eyemakeup looks!
    I might have to try it out ♥

  7. Love the colours! Bit not sure if it would jsut be a waste of money for me. I have Naked 1 and 2 and the palette seem very clsoe to those two Serainie

  8. This is my first Naked palette too! I almost thought about trading it for Naked 2 (I'm more of a taupe girl), but when I opened it up I knew I couldn't. The rosy shades are just too beautiful! I'm in love with this palette and I'm really excited to try new looks. I love what you did! ♥

  9. I think those colors look pretty! I hear mixed reviews on this particular palette though. I'd like to try it out for myself one day.

  10. I really want this palette, the price puts me off though xx

  11. I can't wait to fly back home to the U.S. mine is sitting at home waiting for me and it's driving me insane !

    Check out my blog: Kelafornia

  12. I have tried all the Naked palettes and really like the Naked 3 palette. I have found it was ideal for daytime daily use. Here's a video I posted on how I use them:

  13. That shadow palette is so pretty, I would not have thought to buy as I have the previous two Neked & Naked 2. So you see below, always pineso I must finish that I have first, though perhaps they do not do have many colors and always wins me love a new one ♥ , you are very well these colors make you look relmete nice with your pink pastel hair I love it!

  14. So, let me start by saying that i am a new follower of your blog and i saw this pallette and was hesitant aswell, but the look you created with it is making me want to buy it, i have no high brand makeup, but i looks like its worth it, since i also like pinkish colors:)

  15. Naked palettes are great for people with light skin! :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony