Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fuller lips~ Tutorial

More recently, I've been filling in my lip for fun, and it's gotten more attention then I thought it would, moreso in how I do it~ So, I've decided to try and explain the process as best as I can<3

What you will need:
 Three lip pencils; a white or cream pencil, your main lip colour [for me it's a colour that matches my lip colour], and a deeper tone than your main pencil [I'm using my taupe eyebrow pencil].
A lip gloss, mine is Urban Decay's Nooner lip gloss.
A shimmery eyeshadow.
Two lipsticks, one that matches your main pencil, and one slightly deeper.
So, for reference, this is my natural lip~

I've created a simple chart of how I create my lips, for example.

Before you start, take a good look at your lips~ I want you to notice that your lips, even if they are light should have some kind of pigmentation that outlines the shape of your lips.Slightly around that, you should have a white or paler pigmentation. You can take a look at my picture and the first part of the diagram.

You will want to only colour up into that white/paler section surrounding your lips, as it will be a more natural shape for you.
 1. The first t thing you will do is outline your lips with your main pencil/ shade. Line that white section I was talking about above, and that should be your basis shape for your fuller lip look.

 ^^ I pulled my lips in to show the outline I created above and below my natural lip line, which is over that section of lighter skin.
 2. Fill in your lips with the lip liner or [optional] your lipstick you've chosen.
 3. Take your deep colour lip pencil, and outline your outer corners of your lip. Similar to the second section of the drawn chart above. The outer sections of your lip should be darker than the rest of your lip, then blend it in nicely to create shading. You are creating dimension to your lip shape to make it appear plumper.
 Optional~~ you can create more dimension over the liner you applied by repeating the same process with your darker lipstick.
 4. The most important step to making your lips look fuller and the illusion more believable is to lightly and thinly outline above your created lip shape with your white or cream pencil. This will recreate the light patch of pigmentation you coloured over, and also add the appearance of a highlight over a fuller lip.

Make sure the line isn't too harsh and thick. You want to mimic the light natural pigmentation a lip has.

Even if you don't chose to over outline your lips, just adding that highlight over the cupid's bow of your lips will give an extra 'oomph' to your pout.
 5. Apply your lip gloss to your lips. Not only will it help with the next step, but it will create the appearance of more volume to your lips, and blend your shading work you've done earlier.
 6. Lightly tap your shimmery eyeshaddow into the very center of your top and bottom lip, and blend it nicely with the lip gloss in that section. It will give your lips that extra boost to having a fuller pout.
 The final look~ Fuller, more voluminous lips.
The perfect pout to blow kisses with!

I hope I explained the process in a clear and understandable manner~ It's a relatively short and sweet way to achieve a sexy pout, it just takes some practice and patience to get it down just right with your own lip shape.

Have fun, and proudly show off those pretty lips~



  1. Awesome tutorial. Just wondering, what are the two lipsticks that you used?

    1. Thank you! The pink one is Nars Catfight, the honey colour is Clinique Tenderheart~

  2. Wow I'll definitely try this way :D I do outline my lips and stuff, but it ends up looking awkward because my lip line is So the light/shadow contrast is kind of big, but your shading idea looks pretty good, that might solve my problem :D
    Thank you for making a tutorial, your lips always look so gorgeous, but I suppose they just are gorgeous ^///^

    1. I'm glad I could provide some sort of help haha~ Seriously though, your lips are lovely!
      And, thank you ahha<3

  3. Amazing guide! I definitely want to try this out soon. Thanks for the post!

  4. This is so helpful!
    Thanks so much :)


  5. Gorgeous! I like how you made your lips look so lusciously full, without looking too imposing. I guess the shade of the lipstick can really do wonders in controlling that part. That look really suits you. I'm sure your post will help a lot of ladies out there who want more volume on their lips. Thank you so much for sharing! Stay beautiful, Carisse!

    Michelle Anderson @ Dr. Davis Nguyen

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