Monday, June 2, 2014

GEO, Princess Mimi/ Bambi Almond Lens Review, Sponsored

Sexy or playful, I've found the most versatile lens yet, from who have sent me the Geo, Princess Mimi Bambi Almond circle lens [available here], made popular by gyaru idol Tsubasa Masuwaka.
 Lens Village sent out my lenses in super speed time within the week of ordering them. Everything came nicely and neatly packed in an air tight sealed packet, and came with a nifty instruction guide on lens care and application which, if you've been on my blog a bit, I'm crazy about and find awesome for those who are new to contacts, in general! Also, a good reminder for those of us [like me] who do need some brush up on lens care. I did manage to accidentally tear my lenses with my super long nails, and immediately after contacting lens village, they took care of me, after proof of damage, and sent a replacement out to me. So, their customer service is really on top of their game and were understanding of my mess up.

The package also included their business card and a card that advertises their selfie contest which is done once a month, and you can win free circle lenses and other items~
As always, a shot of the container for authenticity.

Now on to the heart and soul of this review, the stats and close ups <3

Life Span : 1 Year Disposable
Power Available : 0.00 to -8.00
Diameter : 14.5 mm
Base Curve : 8.6
Manufacturer : GEO Medical , South Korea

 Above is the comparison chart to how the lenses look in different lighting.
The lenses are a cool brown/ash brown which really sets off the warmer tones in darker eyes. The Bambi Almond lenses are a really good lens for beginners who are looking for a good natural dolly eye look, or those looking for a very versatile lens that amplifies the size of your eye. They give off the old school gyaru eye because of the dark limbal ring around the lens, but the gradient really bumps up the look with a modern edge. It's just a really perfect, classic circle lens. I could go on reciting praise on these lenses because I've just seen so many gals wear them and have seen all the ads, that these lenses have become so iconic to me. My expectations have been met and then some.
It's the perfect amount of enlargement without being too dramatic. You can easily use them with a more natural eye to a very dramatic look, and they enhance any eye look very well I've noticed. It's a very nice staple circle lens.

To me, these lenses are very thin, and very pliable to me, in comparison to some of the lenses I've been wearing as of late. I've been wearing them for maybe a week now, and they are quite comfortable. I haven't had any dryness issues or sliding issues. They're pretty hassle free and I was able to use them on an airplane without any discomfort either. The max for having these lenses in, in my experience is an easy 7 hours without issue. The only thing is after that amount of time, and if the lenses get dry, they really get dry and have popped out of my eye at that time. But it's usually not an issue because I only wear lenses for at most 6 hours, and if I wear them longer, I'm usually at home by that time... So It would be a good idea if you wear lenses for well over several hours to have eye drops on hand.
 Up close, you can see the lenses, though noticeable, enhances one's natural eye colour because they are such  a neutral taupe brown. I'm sure they would look amazing on a hazel or green eye because of the warmth of those colours.

My rating for the lenses would be:

Comfort, 5/5
Design, 5/5

Perfect score!
I'm just really in love with these lenses!
Lens village store has many many types of lenses, and I love the organization of their shop, it was really easy to narrow down my choices and find the lenses I liked. I want to reiterate that I am in love with how wonderful their staff is and their customer service. I'm always an antsy person when it comes to dealing with shops if I have an issue, and they made the process really easy and were very kind!
I have a code: Express, which give free expedited shipping for orders over $80.

Thank you Lens Village

 I am no Tsubasa, but I can give my best gyaru poses, haha!



  1. i love ur eyes *-* and make up is so perfect! thank you for review! you are so lovely *_*
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  2. They are perfect! And you are so cute!
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