Wednesday, March 4, 2015

runDisney and New Balance~ Cinderella Running Shoes

The newest trend in magical glass slippers~

 So, I've decided to start amping up my exercise routine and lifting every day and doing either running, kick boxing or zumba every day.  It's time to get fit again. So, my friends and I were looking to doing the runDisney Disneyland Marathon, but didn't have the funds to sign up this year, but while looking things up, my friend came across some pictures of official runDisney shoes by New Balance.  [There's like, Goofy, Mickey, Minnie... etc~ kind of shoes, so there's a decent selection]
And so, these shoes you can get by either signing up for the marathon and buying them after registering or by going to specific conventions and purchasing them there. Honestly, the later was too much of a hassle for me, and I NEEDED these Cinderella shoes, and you'll see why below. 

Anywho, I found a pair on eBay, bid and bought it at a decently inflated price.
Not even a day after, these shoes were at my door, and how uncanny they came in the same day as my Cinderella MAC makeup. It's all in perfect timing. Like, fairy godmother magic, but like, I paid for...
Now, how pretty and magical are these shoes?  They're a pastel blue ombre, with sporadic silver sparkles and glitter stamps. The shoe bottoms look like Cinderella's dress and it's gorgeous. 

Above, are a few details on the shoes that I loved. The shoes had some glass slippers on top, a magical pumpkin carriage inside the shoe tongue, pretty magic sparkles everywhere and a Cinderella picture on the heel. Just perfect, and not too obvious it's Disney from afar, at least to me.. Though, I ordered a good few Cinderella tops to exercise in, so it'll obviously be overkill later on. 

But, the shoes are comfy and perfect for exercising. I always love how New Balance supports my feet when I exercise, so no complaints coming from me. They're the perfect fit, like they were magically created for me. Though, I highly doubt they will fall off, like the glass slippers in Cinderella's story. 
And, unlike those, these shoes were made for running away in style and comfort.

I'm excited to use them tomorrow for my morning work out. 


  1. I usually don't like how sports wear looks but these have a great color and tons of super cute details. I'm actually excited for your workout now, too. hahaha

  2. Ok so those shoes are pretty awesome

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