Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Girl's Weekend and Mini Haul

What? Finally a personal blog post? It's been awhile, but I've settled on blogging with my mobile for a bit, I lost my SD card for my DSLR, but for now this is a decent option for the time being.
My friends and I  have been really busy with work and school, life in general and we finally got a weekend free to wander about and just hang out like we used too.
 Friday, we ended up driving to Pasadena to wander around, and just chill out. Our first stop was Urth Caffe, because we were all famished, and it was something simple and healthy to fill our bellies. Plus, they have bomb tea and boba.
 I'm that friend that takes horrible candids, oops.
 My super yummy tea latte.

 I'm kind of jealous because my friend got amazing sandwiches, and I was only able to eat plain protein, if anyone isn't following me on twitter, I have a nutritionist now that's monitoring my diet and I was following a pretty strict regime this weekend.

We ended up walking about a mile down the street, and stopped at a few cute shops and just had fun walking and talking. We even found a cute dog treat shop in a little like, alley way? Called The Dog  Bakery and I ended up buying a few treats for my puppy there.
 If you've been a long time follower of my blog, I used to post a lot about Cool Haus, ice cream, cause my friends and I are totally obsessed with it. Luckily enough we ended up finding another of their shops, so of course we had to go in and get some Or at least, my friends got some~
 In the same store is also a Pie Hole shop, which is another place my friend's love, I've had their Earl Grey  pie, and it was amazingly good! That day they had Lavender Honey pies, and I wish I could have had one, cause it sounds amazing.
My friend got this yummy smores cookie with Kahlua and Doughnut ice cream, and at the bottom was Whisky and Lucky Charms ice cream, I had to take a bite, because it just sounded too good to pass up~ Shhh, don't tell my nutritionist, haha. But it was just as amazing as it sounds, no regrets on my end.

All, the whole group back together~ I've known these girls for well over 10 years and one since she was a baby. I couldn't be luckier to have these babes as besties. 
 That same store space had a beautiful section that was a florist's studio and I bought a beautiful bouquet that the girl made for me~ The store name is Gilly Flowers and the girl working there was just amazing, and such a great person to chat too about flowers, seasonal plants, gave me some plant tips and tricks, and the experience over all was just exceptional!

 Again, I always think my stuff looks nice splayed out on my bed.
 So, these are the treats I got my pup from The dog Bakery. Some items are perishable, and should be eaten within a week, the rest of the goods are good for a month.
I bought something called 'Animal Style', mint choco cookies, peanut butter doughnuts, Neapolitan pastry balls and a few spring cookies~ all dog safe and fresh made. My pup is absolutely in love with them, probably because they smell so good. I personally love how cute they are. 
 That evening I drove us to Cerritos to get some poke, and hilariously all the power was out, but some store were still open. The Kbbq place was still packed with a line like, down to the end of the building, it was pretty crazy.
 I thought the inside of North Shore was so cool, the atmosphere was really chill and the tea lights everywhere were really romantic. By the way, I'm obsessed with this place. We did end up taking our food home to eat, because since the power was out, it was extremely warm in the shop, uncomfortably so.

 Later that evening we went to peruse Target, and I ended up buying this ridiculously large and useless Pink Easter egg.
After a Long night marathoning Netflix, we went to Huntington in the morning, my friends had Bruxies and I walked down to North Shore again, to get more poke.

Funnily, everyone ended up sleeping over at my place again that night and leaving on Sunday~
All in all, it was a great weekend, and I was glad to see my girls again, all together.

Oh! Also, my friends all now have their necklaces~ I'm such a corny friend [gift details here]


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