Sunday, March 15, 2015

Natural Looking Full Coverage Makeup Base

What You'll need:
Face powder [if you want more coverage a matching powder to your skin tone will help]
Foundation brush or stippling brush
BB cream or tinted moisturizer
Makeup sealer [I really love Ben Nye's Final Seal]

So, I'm sure those who follow my blog are aware I don't really have the best skin, but I do know how to cover it well enough. Since I hit the gym every day, I do feel more confidant working out with natural looking makeup on to just cover up my blemishes a bit. And yes, I know it's not the best to go to the gym with makeup on, but I still do it. But I thought it would make for a good tutorial for those who do need a bit more makeup coverage and don't want to have a full 'cake face' going on.
1. Concealer. Use a bit of concealer to cover up problem areas on your face, and if you need to, a bit of your dark circles. I use the ring finger on my non-dominant hand to blend it out, since that finger will have the gentlest touch and won't over blend out all the product I put on.
2.Powder. Just apply powder on top of the areas with concealer, to make sure your concealer is set into place. I like to use a makeup sponge or powder puff to press the product really well into the skin.
3. BB cream or tinted moisturizer. This step will take away the matte look of the skin from the powder and make your complexion look more even, and natural. So, using a dime sized of product, give or take, and your foundation or stippling brush, tap on the product onto your skin and over the areas you concealed and powdered. Areas that you didn't touch you can gently buff the product into the skin. Tap and buff around until you are satisfied with how your skin looks. You don't want to blend or drag your brush over the areas you covered or else you will disturb the makeup and can end up removing the work you previously put down. If you applied a bit too much, just gently dab it with your finger pad or with the brush. When you are done, you should have a relatively dewey and natural looking finish to your skin. 

4. Spray a makeup seal onto your skin. Especially useful on hot days, if you plan to swim, or if you are going to work out. It'll keep your makeup on your face and in place.

Finish off with brows, a touch of mascara and lip balm if you feel you need them.
That's it. Full coverage, and a decent natural finish, that will last throughout the day.


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  1. I would have never thought to put bb cream on top of powder. Very interesting idea.. I'll try it lol