Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My seasonal wardrobe [winter/spring] weather

This is my seasonal wardrobe which is separate from my walk in closet. I do that so it's easier to see what I have and helps me to visualize what outfits I can put together.
I call this my winter/spring selection because in California it's 75-80 degrees F but with a biting wind occasionally during the day time and super cold like 45-50 F in the evenings. So the weather plays a pretty big deciding factor in what I wear.

I'm not going to picture all my clothing on the rack because some of them are basic under shirts/ tanks, lace ponchos, basic turtle necks and a vast collection of white and pink lace shorts and skirt that all look quite similar and I use year round.

I will label under the pictures a brief description of the item of clothing.

American Apparel chiffon pleated skirt and a basic pleated wool mini skirt from Yesstyle.
American Apparel chiffon maxi skirts in cream and tan.
Loose fitting dark mustard blouse and Nautical navy and white striped blouse from Top Shop.
Flowing chiffon bat wing blouse and Chiffon shoulder cut out asymmetrical collared blouse.
Forever 21 peach jersey button up blouse with lace sleeves and Cream lace blouse with bat winged sleeves.
Blush double crisscross spaghetti straps asymmetrical dress and a basic button up collared shirt dress.
Cream cropped knit with heart, Dazzlin' tiger knit top and WC sailor knit knock off.
H&M Bambi knit sweater dress and Metro Park mint cashmere top.
Distressed/ripped cream sweater dress, Vintage white sweater dress and Forever21 [mens] hooded knit sweater [which I use as a sweater dress].
Juicy Couture varsity sweater, bell sleeved cream lace sweater, and Juicy Couture olive ombre open back cardigan.
Lace/knit/jersey [idk] white racer back maxi dress and self made crinkle dip dyed maxi skirt.
DIY bleach dip dyed high waisted shorts [made from $9USD mens pants]
My accessories;
Crocheted back fur vest, wide tan belt with lace snap, Top Shop floral skinny belt, Metro Park gold studded skinny belt , Urban Outfitters feather detailed wide belt, Yesstyle white beret with bow with crystals, straw wide rimmed hat and Urban Outfitters fut hat with ear flaps.
My favorite fur trimmed bunny knit coat.
Guess vintage jean jacket and you can see my pink Members Only wind breaker.

That's pretty much what I consider seasonal in my wardrobe, some pieces may stay behind into summer but a lot of the knits and wool will get retired into my closet in a few months.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my clothing collection.



  1. I wish I had as much clothes as you ; ___; You've got a great collection!

    1. Waahh.. It's a bit excessive isn't it... >__>;; haha.. Thank you <3

  2. Oooo don't you have such cute clothing!!! I have a rack like that too.. maybe I should try out this method since I have lots of clothing I tend to forget what I have.. :) Cute pics!!

  3. Replies
    1. If I can find a super cheap pair of men's jeans, I will... :3

  4. They're all really cute! I added a few things to my wishlist. ;u;
    Much love. <3