Thursday, April 5, 2012

Clinique Haul~ Spring 2012

 Oh happy day! My mum 'stole' my BB cream and liked it, so as reimbursement, she bought me a new one and some concealer and powder [all which I ran out of]. Also, seeing as it's spring, Clinique has their annual samplers, so I got to play with those too! So, on to the haul~
 Clinique 'All about eyes' concealer.
 I like to use them for spot correcting and under eyes because of the consistency and the tube. application. I have them in 'Medium beige' a more yellow colour for under my eyes, and 'Medium petal' which matches my skin more and I use that one for spot correcting.

My Clinique BB cream in Golden, but I guess they call it '02' now? Any ways, it's still the same shade and I'm so addicted to this stuff.
Funny thing, on the directions I love how it says it's 'Formulated for Asian skin'.
Finally! I have my Foundation powder to set my BB cream! I will have perfect looking, matte, flawless skin again! This time it's also in my correct shade [Me picking a colour online was better than having some girl swatch me.. Ugh, seriously, counter girls shouldn't freaking underestimate my colour matching skills....  But it's not like I tell them I'm a M.U.A either...]
Anywho, my shade is '07 Matte Neutral (MF-N)'

Now, on to the testers that I did test out today~

 First is the blush and eye shadow palette. Included is a highlight, colour wash and contour colour with a coraly blusher.
The colour names [from left to right] are:
'Single shade from 'Like Mink' duo' 
'Single shade from 'Pink Chocolate' quad'
'Chocolate Chip' matte
'Fig' blusher 

So, I really love the highlight, it's a perfect match for a highlight for me, which is a good 1-2 shades lighter than my skin colour and has a very subtle sheen to it. I think it's something I would like to purchase in the future.
For the pink colour, it's not for me. It's very glittery, which I don't like and very sheer and took a while for me to apply it enough times to get the full colour pay off.
'Chocolate chip' is nice, with high pigmentation and blends really well. It's just average, but very nice all the same...
As for the the blush, it's very similar to NARS 'Orgasm' but without the glitter, which means that I absolutely love it. I always wanted a colour like that for blush but sans the sparkle dust.

 I also received a 'Long Last Glosswear' with SPF 15 in '04 Sunset' and a 'Different Lipstick' in '62 Tenderheart' amd when I first saw it It looked frosted and golden brown and just screamed early 2000 and I wasn't too happy with it from appearances. But 'OH my goodness!' I was wrong~
I have never found a lipstick or gloss that was my exact natural lip colour and here it is! The lipstick felt like lip balm and was so moisturizing and has like this really good colour payoff but with just the right opacity that doesn't cake the colour on like you would want from a bright or pale lip colour so it really keeps the lip looking natural. And the gloss has just the right 'stickiness' that doesn't goop on your lip but gives it a nice shine and the colour isn't frosted at all it's just the right compliment to the lipstick it's paired with!
Like, I'm so happy with these that I want to stock up on it in bulk!
 As for Clinique samplers, they always include the 'Dramatically Different Moisturizer', which is my daily moisturizer, and some type of random skin care. This time, it was 'Moisture Surge'. I ended up using it last night as a night cream which I slathered on quite thickly. Now, night creams and I don't have a very good relationship because they tend to break me out. Now, it's not specified to be a night cream but it was pretty thick and gel like, so I thought it would make a good one.
So, when I woke up this morning, my skin was super supple and clear looking with no new break outs to be found! So, maybe after a longer trial period, I may go back to invest in it.
 Now on to the Mascara... I didn't like it. At all.. It gooped up my lashes and really badly clumped them and it didn't thicken nor did it lengthen.. Thank goodness it's a sample and one I'd never invest in...

Now for pictures using all the clinique products. [for liner, I used my 24 hour Tattoo Liner]

Room lighting~
 [For my false lashes I used a pair given to me by Maple Lens, that I received with my circle lenses.]
For the first 5 minutes, I really hated them, beacuse they were so long and dramatic yet natural. Which is a rally odd combination, but after seeing how pretty they look on camera, I kind of really like them....
My Clinique makeup in natural light.

Seriously, the foundation setting powder makes my skin look super flawless!
I hope you enjoyed my haul~


  1. Oh, I just got the same sample set! I haven't tried the BB cream but now I'm kinda does it compare to other brands?

    Oh this is love-ling from Tumblr, btw :)

    1. Hey! Haha, hmm well I really like the colour match compared to the 79 bb cream, and the texture is much creamier compared to missha and is close in colour to #23 of missha, but with more of a gold tone to it than a beige.
      Also, I find the coverage build up is really good. [plus it's also more easily accessible than ordering it online and awaiting shipping]

  2. Do you have the Clinique Super powder Double Facepowder in MATTE TAWNY??